Waldorf Waldorf Edition VSTi 1.2.4

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تاپیک Waldorf Waldorf Edition VSTi 1.2.4 تالار VST Instruments در persian-music.org.

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    cubase, nuendo, sonar
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    Attack Percussion Synthesizer يك سينتي سايزر percussion براي پلت فرم PC است.صداهاي اين سينتي سايزر را درام كيت هاي آنالوگ كلاسيك دهه 80 تا درام كيت هاي الكترونيك دهه 90 تا درامس هاي الكترونيك امروزي تشكيل ميدهند.
    این پلاگین مجموعه اي است شامل: Waldorf Attack Percussion Synthesizer VSTi, PPG Wave 2.V Classic Wavetable Synthesizer VSTi, D-Pole Filter VST
    PPG Wave 2.V Classic Wavetable سري Wave 2 اولين سينتي سايزر ديجيتال wavetable با فيلتر انالوگ بود كه Waldorf آن را به صورت VSTi بازسازي و امكانات بسيار پيشرفته تر ارائه داده است.

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    Waldorf Attack Percussion Synthesizer
    – Virtual analog sound synthesis
    – 31 sounds kits with over 700 sounds included
    – 16 percussion sets per FX Bank
    – 24 percussion sounds per set
    – Per sound (editable):
    – 2 oscillators, each with 9 waveforms (triangle, sine, square, sawtooth, sample&hold, noise, samples: closed hi-hat, open hi-hat,crash)
    – FM
    – Ring Modulation’Crack’-module for authentic analog hand claps
    – 6 filter types with resonance up to self-oscillation and overdrive
    – 2 envelopes for pitch, FM amount, filter cutoff and loudness
    – all parameters addressable via MIDI controllers
    – 8 audio outputs (2 stereo, 4 mono)
    – Two integrated and synchronizable modulation Delays for the stereo outs
    – Polyphonically playable percussive bass and lead sounds​
    PPG Wave 2.V Classic Wavetable Synthesizer for VST
    – 8 times multitimbral
    – 32 wavetables with 64 different waveforms each
    – 2 oscillators per voice
    – low-pass filter with Emphasis
    – 1 LFO
    – 3 envelopes (2 ADSR, 1 AD)
    – Velocity and Aftertouch sensitivity
    – Graphical interface for envelope generators and Cutoff/Emphasis
    – Number of voices depending solely on CPU power
    – Real-time MIDI control and automation of all parameters
    – Up to 8 units can work at the same time (depending on CPU power)
    – Complete unit and all settings can be saved with the song (Cubase VST)
    – Sound rendering (Cubase VST)​
    D-Pole Filter Plug-In for VST
    – Filter Module
    – Frequency 0Hz up to over 17000Hz
    – Resonance up to self-oscillation
    – 5 Filter types:
    – Low Pass
    – Band Pass
    – High Pass
    – Notch
    – Resonator
    – 12dB / 24dB Slope selectable
    – Amplifier Module
    – Overdrive up to 52dB
    – Volume
    – Panning
    – Delay Mix
    – LFO Module
    – LFO Speed up to over 7000Hz, syncable to tempo and audio
    – 3 LFO Shapes:
    – sinus
    – triangle
    – saw
    – Positive or negative modulation of Filter Cutoff, Panning and Oscillator Pitch
    – Envelope Follower Module
    – Adjustable Decay Rate
    – Positive or negative modulation of Filter Cutoff
    – Delay Module
    – Delay Time up to 2000ms, syncable to tempo
    – Feedback up to 100%
    – Damping
    – Oscillator Module
    – Ring Modulation
    – Frequency up to over 7000Hz
    – Shapes:
    – Sine
    – Triangle
    – Saw
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