UR12 interface soon available

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تاپیک UR12 interface soon available تالار Steinberg News در persian-music.org.

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موضوع بسته شده است. (فقط مدیران امکان ارسال پست جدید در ادامه تاپیک را دارند)
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    UR12 interface soon available

    There’s a new audio interface in town! The very affordable UR12 audio interface is the perfect piece of gear for aspiring musicians, small mobile recording setups and the majority of singer-songwriters chronically on a slim budget. The UR12 features 192 kHz audio quality, great build quality and class compliant support for the iPad. On the front panel you find one Neutrik XLR connector for microphones. This channel also features the built-in discrete Class-A D-PRE microphone preamp by Yamaha. The second channel comes with a high-impedance jack input for guitars. There are dedicated gain control and peak indicator for each channel, a headphones output and a master output volume control — not to forget the switch labeled Direct Monitor that feeds the input signal to the outputs absolutely latency free. The rear panel holds analog RCA outputs, one USB 2.0 port and one mini USB port for an optional USB power adapter. The two switches are for +48 V phantom power on the first channel and a power source selector for the USB ports. Each UR12 purchase is linked with a copy of Cubase AI. Buy the interface and you may download the software that includes the tools for audio recording, mixing and editing. Shipping from January, the UR12 audio interface will globally be available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online within the next month. Read more

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وضعیت موضوع:
موضوع بسته شده است. (فقط مدیران امکان ارسال پست جدید در ادامه تاپیک را دارند)