Time-limited WaveLab 7 crossgrade offer

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    Since BIAS has ceased the development of their popular Peak mastering application, Steinberg is...

    <p>Since BIAS has ceased the development of their popular Peak mastering application, Steinberg is offering a time-limited crossgrade to the WaveLab 7 product family. From June 29, 2012, until October 31, 2012, all BIAS Peak customers* have the opportunity to purchase WaveLab 7 or WaveLab Elements 7 at a 50% discount.
    <p>WaveLab belongs to the very first mastering applications available, its history stretching all the way back to 1995. Today, WaveLab is the industry-standard production environment for mastering, audio editing and restoration. Employed in numerous facilities the world over, WaveLab combines state-of-the-art tools and technologies within one intuitive and flexible application — and is available for both Mac and PC platforms. And if you are on a budget, the streamlined WaveLab Elements 7 version might be the go-to solution.
    <p>In addition to this offer, you have the chance to get the in-depth WaveLab 7 tutorial from ASK Video at a 50% discount. Just visit <a href="http://www.askvideo.com" target="_blank" >www.askvideo.com</a> to order three hours of WaveLab video material and get started right away.
    <p class="align-right"><a href="en/products/wavelab/wavelab_7_crossgrade_offer.html" title="Opens internal link in current window" class="internal-link" >Find out more on this offer</a></p>
    <p><i>* Including BIAS Peak Studio LE 7, BIAS Peak LE 6, BIAS Peak Studio 7, BIAS Peak Pro 6, BIAS Peak Studio XT 7, BIAS Peak Pro XT 6</i></p>