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SonicFire Of pro 5.1.0 - is intended for creating [saundtrekov] to your video. Program has all necessary capabilities: preliminary survey in the regime of real time with your video, the automatic editing of any sonic file, mixing and the search for the correspondences, based on your needs, the completely organized cuts, support Windows Of media and Quicktime of video of sizes, convenient design - will approach for the novices and the professionals.

Key possibilities:

“Mapping of mood” (“Mood Of mapping”)
Now you can reach more than musical heights from Sonicfire Of pro 5, unique musical solution, which proposes mood of mapping. From mood of mapping you can determine emotional and structural requirements for the scene as mood of map on the graph into Sonicfire Of pro. With this technology any “multilayer” of the Muzas. path will be urged from the beginning to the end and [saranzhirovana] in the best way in accordance with the changes in your video. This new level of flexibility and immediate of results will have a final emotional effect on your production.

[Multidorozhechnyy] [interfeys]
Sonicfire Of pro unites the intellect of the technology Of smartSound with the [multidorozhechnymi] conditions of reducing for the most rapid way to the current trimming (custom-fit) of music. In addition to the dynamic fine adjustment of the musical elements, based on your “map of mood” (mood of map), Sonicfire Of pro also of [daet] to you complete control over each separate of the Muzas. by element. Remove furnaces, make sharper stringed… all, what you are necessary for achievement the maximum of action - Sonicfire Of pro of [daet] to you tools for the simple creation of the best track.

Multilayer music from SmartSound
In the Muzas. the library Of smartSound there was introduced following innovation: the addition of the multilayer Muzas. paths in a new series Of strata. Each multilayer of the Muzas. track is supplied with 8 [razdelennymi] paths of the tools, which can independently be controlled. The command of the experts Of smartSound thoroughly prepared each track for the work with the possibilities Of sonicfire Of pro, thus, in order by video the editors of [mogdi] to rapidly generate music, which fills their scenes in the best way.

Sonicfire Of pro is of designed of from of the of ground up to help of you of create of perfect of music of soundtracks of custom of fit to of your of videos in of just of minutes. No of other of audio of software is as of fast or as of easy in of creating of the of music of you of need to of make of your of visuals of come to of life and custom of soundtracks of are of the of key to of high-impact, professional of quality of videos.
Now of the of bar of has of been of raised of once of again. With of the of new Of infinite Of search Of maestro of you'll of have of limitless of ways to of find of the of perfect of cut and manage of your Of smartSound of library, including of purchase and download of of individual Of smartSound of files. Now, you of will of always be of able to of get of just of the of right of cut of for of any of scene of you of score, in of real of time, while of you of work on of your of scene.

Key of features:
* Create Of perfect Of musical Of soundtracks, Automatically.
* Preview, Buy and Download ANY Of cut in of the Of smartSound Of library
* Automatic Of editing of Of any Of sound Of file
* The Of only Of audio Of software Of designed of for Of visual Of creators
* Preview Of ideas in Of real Of time of with Of your Of video
* Mix and Match Of search Of criteria Of based on Of your Of needs - for Of endless Of possibilities
* Fully Of orchestrated Of cuts - No Of loops to Of build
* Support of for Windows Of media and Quicktime Of video Of formats*.
* Thousands of Of great Of royalty-Free Of tracks, Now Of all At Of your Of fingertips
* New Of design Of gives Of you Of more Of ways to Of work - Choose of the Of easy Of assistant or of the Of new Of robust Of maestro

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