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    Orchestral Trumpet Section Sample Library SAM Trumpets is the long-awaited third library in what may be called the Project SAM brass series, expanding he award winning SAM Horns and SAM Trombones line. SAM Trumpets is recorded in the same warm ambient hall that the previous libraries gained their credibility for.

    SAM Trumpets now includes three genuine microphone sets : close, stage and far. Built upon the success of our previous libraries, SAM Trumpets is by far the most extensive of the three offering you a Bb Trumpet section with over 30 sampled articulations and techniques and a solo Bb Trumpet with over 6 expressive solo articulations. Similar to SAM Trombones a set of atmospheric and surprising processed trumpet sounds has been created. This time designed and produced by Funckarma, internationally credited for their experimental and inspiring sound.

    دوست عزیز لطفا به قوانین توجه کنید و توضیح فارسی در معرفی نرم افزار قید شود

    4.3 Gb

    برای مشاهده لینکها در این بخش از سایت می بایست ثبت نام کنید
    برای مشاهده لینکها در این بخش از سایت می بایست ثبت نام کنید

    آخرین ویرایش توسط یکی از مدیران: ‏16/3/10
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