Official Drum Expo 2013 Virtual Goodie Bag!

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    Read more about <a href="">Official Drum Expo 2013 Virtual Goodie Bag!</a> at <hr><p><a href=""><img src="" width="200" alt=""></a></p><p><strong><a href="">DRUM EXPO 2013: </a>To celebrate the first day of our first ever online drum show, we have a fantastic little goodie bag stuffed with free drum treats to help you keep time, create beats, and make your phone or desktop look super cool.</strong></p><p>Read on to find out what's inside your Official Drum Expo 2013 Virtual Goodie Bag and how you can claim your freebies...</p><h4>EZdrummer ® Lite </h4><p><a href=""><img src="" width="200" alt=""></a></p><p>Those kind folk over at UK distributor Time+Space have stepped forward with a free download of Toontrack's EZdrummer® Lite plug-in worth £19.95. </p><p>EZdrummer® Lite is a stripped down version of the multi-microphone drum-sampler that offers a taste of EZdrummer's multi-miked virtual drum kit. It comes with a selection of MIDI programmed drum beats for you to play your songs over and it's the perfect way to quickly add drum parts to your compositions – you can even program your own! </p><p>EZdrummer® Lite will work within all the main DAWs such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic and Fruity Loops. To download your free copy, <a href="">click here and follow the instructions</a>.</p><h4>PolyNome metronome app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch</h4><p><a href=""><img src="" width="200" alt=""></a></p><p>Conceived and developed by drummers <a href="">Joe Crabtree</a> (Wishbone Ash/Pendragon/David Cross Band/freelance drummer) and <a href="">Lucas Ives</a> (Pixar, ToyTalk, freelance drummer), PolyNome is the dream metronome for drummers. </p><p>Normally priced £1.49/$1.99, PolyNome will be made free to Drum Expo 2013 viewers worldwide on 30 July 2013 only. Here's some info on this class act app...</p><p>Curious about polyrhythms? With PolyNome you can hear 3 vs 4, 5 vs 7, 18 vs 19. In fact, any combination of 1-32 against 1-32. </p><p>Want to practice the rhythmic scale? The unique rates list in PolyNome allows you to specify a list of rates which will be played back in sequence. Have PolyNome play whole notes for a bar, then half notes, then triplets, then quarter notes, all the way up to 32nd notes. </p><p>If you're feeling more adventurous you can include every division from 1-32 in your list. Finally hear those quintuplets and septuplets you always wondered about. </p><p>Using the rates list you can include bars of silence to test your time keeping. Have PolyNome play 3 bars of click followed by 1 bar of silence, then 2 bars of click followed by 2 bars of silence. Or if you're really brave try one bar of click followed by 7 bars of silence. You just type in what you want to hear and PolyNome will play it for you. </p><p>When playing back the rates you specified in the Rates List PolyNome will play them with a sticking of your choice. Choose different sounds and volumes for the right and left hands, and choose to accent in different places. </p><p>For example, you could have PolyNome play 16th notes over a half note triplet click. The 16th notes can be heard as paradiddles between hi-hat and snare with every 3rd note accented. <a href="">Click here for more information on PolyNome.</a></p><p>How to get your free PolyNome app: <a href="">either follow this link</a> or search for PolyNome in the Apps store where it will be available to download for free, worldwide, on 30 July 2013 only.</p><h4>Rhythm-branded wallpaper</h4><p>No Virtual Goodie Bag would be complete without a little something from Rhythm. Created exclusively for you, their Drum Icons wallpaper is suitable for smartphone and tablet, and desktop (MAC and PC).</p><p>Featuring Joey Jordison, Dave Grohl, Chad Smith, Travis Barker and Brann Dailor, it's the only wallpaper you'll ever need gracing your gadget.</p><p><a href="">Click here to download your free Rhythm magazine Drums Icons wallpaper for smartphone and tablet.</a></p><p><a href="">Or for desktop (MAC and PC) users, download your free Drum Icons wallpaper here.</a></p><h4>Time + Space collection of best-selling drum loops and hits</h4><p><a href=""><img src="" width="200" alt=""></a></p><p>This 500MB+ collection of drum loops and hits, worth £24.95, has been compiled by Time+Space from ten best selling Zero-G and Big Fish Audio sample libraries. All samples in this pack are royalty free for you to use in your own productions! </p><p>Looking for acoustic drum sounds? Check out Big Fish Audio's Songwriter Drum Sessions, Funk Foundations and Retro Drums or Zero-G's LA Drums, Nu Metal and The London Sessions for drums that will fit comfortably into many genres of music. </p><p>For those of you looking for more of an analogue flavour, Zero-G's Modular Beats contains pure analogue drum loops, grooves and modular drum kits. For something with a bit more spice, dive into Beats From The East that combines authentic ethnic percussion with the latest technology to deliver beats with pure individuality. </p><p>Big Fish Audio's Metric: Odd Meter Drumloops is ideal for those who march to a different beat of the drum, or if you're searching for high-energy sounds Epic Drums II more than delivers the goods.</p><p><a href="">Click here to access your free samples bundle courtesy of Time + Space. </a></p><p>About Time+Space: </p><p><a href="">Time+Space</a> has been supplying the creative industries for over 15 years, providing a huge choice of virtual instruments, effects plug-ins and samples for computer based music production. Their portfolio of world-leading brands include the multi-award winning Spectrasonics, Toontrack, ایزوتوپ, Synthogy, راب پپن, Garritan and ProjectSAM. </p><p>Zero-G and Big Fish Audio are both true sample library pioneers with a combined industry experience of over 45 years. Their back catalogues each contain hundreds of sample collections spanning the whole gamut of musical genres.</p> Read more about <a href="">Official Drum Expo 2013 Virtual Goodie Bag!</a> at<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><div class='mf-viral'><table border='0'><tr><td valign='middle'><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a>&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a>&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a>&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a>&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a></td><td valign='middle'></td></tr></table></div><br/><br/><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a><img width="1" height="1" src="" border="0"/><img src="" height="1" width="1"/>

    Official Drum Expo 2013 Virtual Goodie Bag!