New features for UR824 & UR28M

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    Steinberg is pleased to announce a new firmware update for UR28M and UR824. The version 2 update...

    <p>Steinberg is pleased to announce a new firmware update for UR28M and UR824. The version 2 update adds new functionality to the USB audio interfaces such as new guitar amp effects and iPad connectivity. On top of this free update, all registered UR users are eligible for a free, downloadable version of Cubase AI 7.&nbsp;
    <p>&nbsp;</p><ul><li><b>New Guitar Amp Classics effect bundle running on DSP,</b> allowing latency-free monitoring with guitar amp effect</li><li><b>Basic FX Suite VST 3 plug-in bundle,</b> consisting of three software components: Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, REV-X and Guitar Amp Classics</li><li><b>CC mode for connectivity with the iPad</b> (2 or later) through Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit</li><li><b>Loopback function</b> for internet live streaming: incoming audio signals are merged to playback signal from audio playback software</li><li><b>Free version of Cubase AI 7</b> for all registered UR users, providing a set of new features</li></ul><p class="align-right"><a href="en/products/audio_interfaces/ur_series/ur824_and_ur28m_version_2_update.html" title="Opens internal link in current window" class="internal-link" >Find out more and download now</a></p>

    New features for UR824 & UR28M