Logic X new features: what we want to see

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    <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>It was all the way back in 2009 when we saw the launch of <a href="http://www.musicradar.com/gear/all/computers-software/digital-audio-workstations-daws/logic-pro-9-218475/review">Apple Logic Pro 9</a>. Since then the DAW business has changed dramatically. With more competition than ever and many artists choosing alternative, non-liner ways of working, we're still waiting for Apple's Logic version ten.</strong></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We caught up with some heavyweight Logic users to find out which features they want from the elusive version X.</p> <p><img src="http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Product%20News/Tech/Jul12/logic%20x/D-200-70.ramirez-logic-460-100.jpg" width="200" alt=""></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>D.Ramirez, International DJ and Producer</strong></p> <ul> <li>"I want a quicker, more Ableton-like audio warping engine that fires Apple Loops instantly on the beat."</li> <li>"A better piano roll that displays the notes and shows the notes on the keys when you hover over them in the piano roll area."</li> <li>"A specific step sequencing, TR-808-style drum editor."</li> <li>"Make Logic able to address more than the maximum 4GB of RAM. 64-bit mode is far too clunky and there aren't enough plug-ins that have been ported over."</li> <li>"Fix the problem where a delay or reverb tail will cut off on certain tracks."</li> </ul> <p class="MsoNormal"><img src="http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Product%20News/Tech/Jul12/logic%20x/jono-logic-x-460-100-200-70.jpg" width="200" alt=""></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Jono Buchanan, Producer & Future Music magazine's Logic expert</strong></p> <ul> <li>"I want error-free offline timestretching algorithms. SoundToys' Speed is fantastic and easily outperforms all of Logic's algorithms - I'd like to see Apple license that software or produce a better equivalent of its own."</li> <li>"At least one new instrument that encourages sound design and 'randomisation'."</li> <li>"A modification to the Track Select box which allows you to choose Audio tracks and Software Instruments at the same time! I hate having to go to that button twice when I want a collection of different tracks at the beginning of a new project."</li> <li>"I'd love a rewrite to the audio engine so that audio doesn't drop out when you punch record during playback."</li> <li>"There needs to be a radical update to the EXS24 which is looking more dated by the day, particularly due to the success and continued development of Kontakt."</li> </ul> <p><img src="http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Product%20News/Tech/Jul12/logic%20x/stonebridge-logic-x-460-100-200-70.jpg" width="200" alt=""></p> <p><strong>Stonebridge, international DJ, producer</strong></p> <ul> <li>"I would love tighter automation. For exmaple, when doing a high cut on a kick you need to fiddle about for ages to get the full bass back on the one."</li> <li>"The whole dialogue thing when moving is also annoying even though you can turn it off. There must be a more elegant way to solve this and generally making the thing feel rock solid."</li> <li>"Make the audio playback rock solid and a priority over everything. It's just not professional during a session to have dropouts or system overload or disk too slow messages on a Mac Pro 12-core with 12GB Ram. There are (unnamed) competitors that never stop regardless of track count."</li> </ul> <p class="MsoNormal"></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><img src="http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Product%20News/Tech/Jul12/logic%20x/Spoon-Logic-X-460-100-200-70.jpg" width="200" alt=""></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Dave Spoon / Shadow Child, International DJ and Producer</strong></p> <ul> <li>"It's all about the functionality of the mixer of course, but I'd love the mixer interface to look a little more sexy... nothing garish but less 'no frills'. It gets a bit mundane looking at it for a long time and other programs seem to have nailed it. Also unless I'm being thick (likely), I don't like colouring the mix channels and sequencer tracks individually, there may be a reason for that but if a checkbox somewhere could let those colours ride the audio ویوز of Logic in unison, I'd like that. Please."</li> <li>"I keep using Ableton to stretch and warp as I feel I get a better result. It's something I'm sure they'll have improved but I have to put it out there. I frequently have to bounce between programs and it's not a huge ballache but would be nice to rely on a new ssssttttrrreeettttcccch and warp engine! Please."</li> <li>"Can I have Copy+Paste clip with/without automation option? The box that comes up EVERYTIME you drag something with automation over it is handy, but could we have two separate keys instead of that pop-up? One to Copy+Drag both clip and automation, the other to Copy+Crag just the clip? All this instead of 'Do you want to copy the automation data?" would be super. Please."</li> </ul> <p class="MsoNormal"><img src="http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Product%20News/Tech/Jul12/logic%20x/Puma-logic-x-460-100-200-70.jpg" width="200" alt=""></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Chocolate Puma, International DJ and production duo</strong></p> <ul> <li>"We would like to see a better and easier-to-use sampler. We chop up a lot of samples for our beats and we have to rely on third-party plug-ins for that. The ESX24 is not suitable for that purpose, so if Logic could have a sampler more aimed towards the beat makers, that would be great."</li> <li>"Drag 'n' drop/plug 'n' play MIDI effects as in Ableton. It's so much easier in Ableton to just throw in an arpeggiator than in Logic. Having to set this is up in the Environment doesn't quite get the creative juices flowing."</li> <li>"Easier to use automation with quantisation."</li> </ul> <a href="http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/logic-x-new-features-what-we-want-to-see-551859">Read more about Logic X new features: what we want to see at MusicRadar.com</a><img width='1' height='1' src='http://rss.feedsportal.com/c/673/f/8601/s/21348ca9/mf.gif' border='0'/><div class='mf-viral'><table border='0'><tr><td valign='middle'><a href="http://share.feedsportal.com/viral/sendEmail.cfm?lang=en&title=Logic+X+new+features%3A+what+we+want+to+see&link=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.musicradar.com%2Fnews%2Ftech%2Flogic-x-new-features-what-we-want-to-see-551859" target="_blank"><img src="http://res3.feedsportal.com/images/emailthis2.gif" border="0" /></a></td><td valign='middle'><a href="http://res.feedsportal.com/viral/bookmark.cfm?title=Logic+X+new+features%3A+what+we+want+to+see&link=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.musicradar.com%2Fnews%2Ftech%2Flogic-x-new-features-what-we-want-to-see-551859" target="_blank"><img src="http://res3.feedsportal.com/images/bookmark.gif" border="0" /></a></td></tr></table></div><img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/musicradar/all/news/~4/eWRYrjU-FDo" height="1" width="1"/>

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