Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition v. 6.0

Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition v. 6.0


Code: SONAR 6 Producer is the definitive choice for music creation and audio production, designed to take you from inspiration to masterpiece faster than ever before. At every step of your production -- from composing with virtual instruments, to recording, mixing, and beyond -- SONAR gives you the professional tools and inspiring canvas that adapt to your unique style of music creation. Change the way you work with instruments forever through SONAR 6's innovative new Active Controller Technology (ACT). Tighten up your entire band with the revolutionary new AudioSnap feature set. And sound better than ever with the new VC-64 Vintage Channel and SONAR's industry-leading 64-bit double precision mix engine. Modular Transport provides easy playback control and vital visual feedback Analyst spectrum analyzer Clip editing enhancements including lock to time Work seamlessly with VST plug-ins -- VST support is now integrated into SONAR 6 and no longer requires an external VST to DX adapter Read/write controls for tracks and plug-ins, enable automation during playback and record, visual automation cues & more Fast Zoom enables fast, precise edits without losing your place Mouse wheel support for parameter control and zoom Import 64-bit floating point audio files and stream them at their native resolution from 64-bit tracks Crash Recovery safeguards your projects against faulty plug-ins and other sources of crashes Back up projects with time/date stamps for easy access to old versions User-customizable plug-in menus for easy organization and grouping Custom color schemes with saturation, hue, brightness controls and color categories for easy.

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