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SINDO V2 - Transparent Stereo image Expander / Narrower

SINDO V2 is our next generation hybrid stereo image expander (widener) / Narrower with many enhanced new features offering an extremely high level of mono compatibility with minimal side effects. SINDO V2 offers a uniquely powerful stereo toolkit for digital editing,, mastering and tracking for all stereo audio material. SINDO V2 allows to dramatically broaden and 'sweeten' the spaciousness of the stereo image whilst retaining mono compatibility and not affecting the tonal character of the original sound. The Global and individually adjustable frequency 'Rotations' can be used to Pan the center stereo image without altering the mix level balance. Designed for efficiency SINDO V2 comprises of crysonics' intuitive user interface with full automation of all parameters and new features such as double clicking on any dial to set it to default. The fatiguing 'phasiness' found in other processors of this type has been avoided by adhering to established audio engineering principals. Two Phase-compensated ' Hi and Low Shufflers ' are also included to further enhance and improve the spaciousness without introducing unwanted artifacts.
• Greatly Improved Audio Quality!
• Cross-Over Selection and Adjustment to bias Stereo Separation
• Targetable Rotations Per Frequency Range Without Altering Mix Level balance
• True Global 'Pan' Without Altering Mix Level balance
• Phase-compensated ' Shufflers ' for Low and Hi Stereo enhacement
• Three Modes of operation to suit all Audio material
• Individual Hi and Low Gain trim adjustments
• Double click to set each control to default value!
• Press Ctrl for finer Adjustments
• Very Intuitive and easy to use User Interface
• Hybrid M / S Stereo image expander and narrower
• Extremely Transparent while retaining Mono-Compatibility
• Minimum ' Phasiness'
• Retaining the tonal character of original audio
• Full automation for all parameters via the host
• custom and user presets
• Very Low CPU usage
• 64-bit internal precision
• Highly optimized Assembly DSP code with Vectorization on the Mac OS X Platform
• Mastering, Mixing, restoration, audio post production and track sweetening.
• PC and Mac Compatible (Mac OS Universal Binary AU,VST and PC VST Native)

newB V2™ - Aural Acoustics Based BASS Enhancer

newB V2 has been redesigned from the ground up for better performance and more importantly much improved Audio quality together with a multitude of important additions. newB V2 now does it's internal processing in a multi-band fashion. The low frequency Sub-harmonic generation algorithm now also behave in a much more Analog manner by looking at many more audio characteristics.

newB V2 now features a sub-harmonic compressor which can be adjusted to taste depending on the audio material. The compressor can be used to 'bring out' more detail and better target the audio into a mix. The Compressor is unique in it's operation as there is no ratio selection only a percentage based strength and a selection of response curves (These are somewhat dynamic i.e. internally they are adjusted automatically depending on the provided audio material) which correspond to your taste.

What is newB V2 ?
Based on ' Aural Acoustic ' principals newB V2 is a bass enhancer and maximizer VST plug-in that can be used to apply from subtle to extreme bass enhancement and generation during Mastering, Mixing, Tracking and Live performance. newB increases the perceived amount of bass by adding / mixing specific sub-harmonic content from the original bass, thereby allowing our brains to hear lower-frequencies than may exist in the original audio material
• Sub Harmonic Bass Compression
• Dynamic Response Curves
• 5 Bass Presence settings
• Original bass can be mixed in 100% or totally replaced
• Variable from wide to narrow band high-pass crossover filter for generating sub-harmonics
• Extremely easy and intuitive GUI
• Mastering, Mixing, Tracking, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Virtual Instruments and Live
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Highly optimized custom DSP code

nXtasy V2.1 - Analog Harmonic Saturation at it's best

nXtasy V2 Analog based multi-Octave Harmonic saturation Audio DSP plug-in. With 64-Bit internal precision nXtasy can be used through out the entire chain of music production from tracking, live use to mixing and final mastering. The primary ability of nXtasy is to add multi-octave harmonics and en-duce tube like saturation effects. It is especially potent for enhancing and adding punch and clarity to any audio material as well as enhancing any sound lacking in harmonic content. nXtasy V2 is ' Extremely CPU ' efficient and can easily be applied to many tracks at once without straining system resources and thus opening many creative uses. Comprising of a very user friendly interface with an LCD Panel layout, nXtasy V2 enables rapid tweaking to establish the right sound for your requirements.
• Multi-Octave Vintage Harmonic Adjustment
• Analog Saturation induction
• Tape Saturation induction
• Separate Left and Right Channel control
• Linking of Harmonics Channels
• Graphical LCD Panel
• Mouse Over Help / Hint per control
• Velocity Sensitive Rotary controls
• Wet / Dry Mix Dial
• Full automation for all parameters via the host
• Extremely efficient CPU usage
• 64-bit internal precision
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Highly optimized assembly DSP code with Vectorization on the Mac OS X Platform
• Mastering, Mixing, Tracking, restoration, audio post production and track sweetening

SPECTRALIVE NXT™ -The Second Generation Professional Audio Vitality Processor

Utilizing a completely new engine with 10 algorithms and processors designed for high end professional use. Taking the lead from our very popular Spectralive VST with over 2500+ users worldwide, SPECTRALIVE NXT incorporates many new features including a semi-parametric Analog based fine-tuning EQ powered by the second generation Crysonic Spectral Audio Vitalizer.

• Now with 10 Algorithms and 10 Processors
• Switchable Analog based parametric EQ for fine-tuning
• The second generation VST to utilize the spectral-vitality process
• The Spectralive™ process is a novel and proprietary approach for imparting Vitality and warmth to all your audio material
• Master, Mix, Track your music on an even playing field regardless of your monitor speakers setup or quality
• More then 2500+ Pro/ Users World Wide (Spectralive)
• Library of 64 quality presets
• Increase Stereo coherencel
• Sonically Correct mastering
• Decrease Phase Distortion
• Audio Frequency targeting
• Intelligent Phase control
• Mastering, Mixing, Tracking, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Virtual Instruments and Live
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Highly optimized custom DSP code

SpectraPhy LE - Physics Based all-purpose Pro Audio Limiter / Maximizer

SpectraPhy LE is a highly optimized look-ahead Brickwall Limiter and Loudness Maximizer based on it's bigger brother and highly acclaimed DSP SpectraPhy VST. SpectraPhy LE has been designed to be used for tracking, mixing, Mastering and Live use or when ever a large quantity of limiters are required per project. Just as in the original SpectraPhy, our proprietary physics based approach is employed at the core DSP level, ensuring a very transparent sound with maximum loudness and no digital-overs.
• Proprietary Physics based Peak Limiting and Loudness Maximizing
• Look-ahead Brickwall limiting with no overshoots, less then 0.2 ms Delay
• Individual Left / Right Channel Limiting with Linking ability
• Graphical Spectrum and Attack / Release Display
• Pre-Smooth function to tame high transients
• Easily have 1-60 instances per project (Depending on Processor) • Pre or Post output Spectrum
• Velocity Sensitive Dials for extreme precise adjustments
• Maximum transparent loudness
• Full Automation for all parameters PC and Mac OS X
• Very Intuitive GUI
• 64-bit internal precision
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Highly optimized custom DSP code
• Suitable for Mixing, Tracking, Mastering and Live use
• 64-bit internal precision
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Assembly DSP code with Vectorization on the Mac OS X Platform

SPECTRA C1 - Pro Audio Vintage Compressor

Pro Audio grade wideband Compressor suitable for Voice, instruments, track compression and subtle soft-knee Mastering compression and Expansion. The sheer quality of Spectra C1 coupled with an extremely easy and intuitive user interface makes obtaining great results quick and painless! Spectra C1 utilizes crysonics' unique and proprietary Physics based Audio processing engine allowing the characteristics of the final audio to be easily adjusted to taste.
• Physics Based Wide-Band Compressor / Expander
• Unique and intuitive Gain-Reduction and VU meter
• Very Transparent and Mono-compatible
• Retaining the tonal character of original audio
• Full automation for all parameters via the host
• No Latency
• 64-bit internal precision
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Mastering, Mixing, Tracking, audio post production, Vocals and all instruments including Classical

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