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دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques

شروع موضوع توسط qLeph ‏4/7/11 در انجمن آموزش و سازشناسی گیتار الکتریک

تاپیک دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques تالار آموزش و سازشناسی گیتار الکتریک در persian-music.org.

وضعیت موضوع:
موضوع بسته شده است. (فقط مدیران امکان ارسال پست جدید در ادامه تاپیک را دارند)
  1. qLeph

    qLeph هنرمند عضو سایت

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    تو این تاپیک لینک دانلود تمام شماره های مجله Guitar Techniques گذاشته میشه.
    ابتدا لینک شماره های قدیمی که تا الان اومده رو میذارم، بعد هروقت شماره جدید اومد، همینجا اعلام میشه.
    تمام مجلات به زبان انگلیسیه، امیدوارم مفید باشه برای همه...
    آخرین ویرایش توسط یکی از مدیران: ‏5/7/11
  2. qLeph

    qLeph هنرمند عضو سایت

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    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-1tpz6r3x84r1cnc9ual8.jpg
    Kirk Hammett - Metal Guru!
    Easy Like...Superstition - Three versions
    The Jazz Standard: Beautiful Love
    Phil Hilborne's A to Z of Great Riffs - H: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
    Smash Hit: Weather With You - Crowded House
    Europa - Santana
    Unplugged: Got Me Wrong - Alice In Chains
    Country Spesial: The Beark The Claw - Jerry Donahue
    Geoff's Blues: Mistreated - Deep Purple
    Hot Country: Mystical!
    Beyond Rock: Trilogy Suite - Yngwie Malmsteen
    Face The Rack - Mark Knopfler's rig

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-q0zxr90csdv2hjxj2w.jpg
    Nuno Bettencourt: No More Than Words...
    Easy Like...With a Little Help From My Friends
    The Jazz Standard: Tenderly
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs: I - Iron Maiden
    Smash Hit: My Best Friend's Girl - The Cars
    Foot Tapper - The Shadows
    Unplugged: Vincent - Chet Atkins
    Geoff's Blues: Mistreated Pt. 2 - Deep Purple
    Hot Country: Four Play!
    Beyond Rock: Baxter's Brew

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-ffdzuq6m8bpcke7hqai.jpg
    Andy Powell: GT pulls the Wishbone
    Easy Like... "Higher Ground" - Stevie Wonder and the Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Jazz Standard: "Cry Me A River"
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs: J - Jethro Tull
    Smash Hit: "Blowin Free" - Wishbone Ash
    Transcription: "The Loner - Gary Moore"
    Unplugged: "Peg Leg Speed King" - Michael Hedges
    Geoff's Blues: "The Supernational" - Peter Green
    Hot Country: Ear Training
    Beyond Rock: "Baxters Brew" Part 2

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-32r3pd4zlb9q1y2x8ufn.jpg
    Dominic Miller...Doin' that String thing
    Easy Like... "Martha's Harbour" - All About Eve
    Jazz Standard: "Love For Sale" - Cole Porter
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs: K - The Kinks
    Smash Hit: "A Design For Life" - The Manic Street Preachers
    Transcription: "Edge Of Darkness" - Eric Clapton
    Unplugged: "Natural Elements" - Acoustic Alchemy
    Geoff's Blues: "Louisiana Blues" - Muddy Waters (Paul Rodgers' version)
    Hot Country: The Nashville Numbers System
    Beyond Rock: "Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel"
    Strings: Beginners' Guide - David Mead gets highly strung

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-psxkddpre2s5bm3zmqqm.jpg
    Martin Taylor - A jazzman's journals
    Easy Like... "No Particula Place To Go" - Chuck Berry
    Jazz Standard: "But Not For Me" - George and Ira Gershwin
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs: L - George Lynch
    Smash Hit: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    Transcription: "Cryin" - Joe Satriani
    Unplugged: "Yesterday" - The Beatles
    Taylor Made: "Johnny and Mary" - Robert Palmer (from the Renault Clio ad)
    Geoff's Blues: "It Hurts Me Too" - Elmore James (Peter Green version)
    Hot Country: Ear Training
    Beyond Rock: "Have You Met Miss Jones" - Rodgers and Hart

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-ts36jj17ex53nv43ekkc.jpg
    Dave Edmunds - Sabre Rattling Chat
    Easy Like... "I Fought The Law" - The Clash
    Jazz Standard: "Yesterdays" - Jerome Kern
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs: M - Yngwie Malmsteen
    Smash Hit: "Tiger Feet" - Mud
    Transcription: "Sable Dance" - Dave Edmunds
    Unplugged: "Champion" - Michael Chapman
    Taylor Made: Johny And Mary Part 2
    Geoff's Blues: "Ej Blues" - Geoff Whitehorn
    Hot Country: Fingerstyle
    Beyond Rock: "Have You Met Miss Jones" - Rhythm Part
    How To Get A Great Rock Guitar Sound - Jan Cyrka takes the GT challenge!
    GT Tips: Guthrie Govan shows your right arm's for

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-e1wgdgp9unjqey6dbcdm.jpg
    Robert Cray - Talking blues
    Transcriptio: Black Night - Deep Purple
    Easy Like... I Can Help - Billy Swan
    Smash Hit: Ironic - Alanis Morissette
    Jazz Standard: Django - John Lewis
    Unplugged: The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter - Will Ackerman
    Taylor Mode: Johnny And Mary - Part Three
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs: Yngwie Malmsteen - Part Ywo
    Hot Country - Let's Solo!
    Geoff's Blues: The Stumble - Freddie King
    Beyond Rock: YYZ - Rush
    GT Tips: Essential Major Pentatonic Licks
    Does Your Guitar Need A Servive? Is your guitar holding you back? Master technician Martyn Booth to the rescue!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-kmg47afoqm5rqh8byzi.jpg
    Steve Howe - Steve speaks of Quantum leaps
    Easy Like... Money For Nothing - Dire Straits Get your kicks for free with easy transcription of the classic track
    Jazz Standard: All The Things You Are - Jerome Kern
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs: This month its F for Free. Play All Right Now - Now! All right?
    Hideaway - Eric Clapton: Let's have a slow hand-clap for this one
    Whiskey In The Jar - Thin Lizzy Read the story behind the song
    Unplugged: Clap - Steve Howe. Put your hands together for a great acoustic classic
    The Carpenters: The Tony Peluso Solos - Turn up that fuzz box! Go on! Indulge yourself!
    Geoff's Blues: GW's Blues Primer - Fledgling Bluesters should stars here
    Hot Country - The Essential Albert Lee Licks. He may be a Brit but he rules the roost in Nashville
    Beyond Rock: Turn yourself on to Shaun Baxter's hot little number - G Spot Blues

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-sxkkodb9bi2qjtumut.jpg
    Steve Rothery - Marillon's guitarist talks about their new album "This Strange Engine"
    Easy Like... Milk And Alcohol - Dr. Feelgood Moo! It took years for the brewers to catch up with the idea of alcoholic milk
    Jazz Standard: The Nearness Of You - Hoagy Carmichael. How close can you get?
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z Of Great Riffs: N - Ted Nugent. They call him The Hunter...
    Transcription: Scuttle Buttin - Stevie Ray Vaughan Instrumental tour-de-force from SRV
    Smash Hit: Kayleigh - Marillion. A lovelorn ballad from one of prog rock's finest
    Unplugged: Horizons - Steve Hackett Steel-string instrumental from Genesis (circa 1972)
    Taylor Made: Blues For Toby - Martin Taylor Funky jazz blues from the master's pen
    Geoff's Blues: Help The Poor - Robben Ford. He's played with everyone from Barbara Streisand to Miles Davis. Taken from Robben's seminal "Talk To Your Daughter" album, this is how blues should sound!
    Shaun Baxter's Beyond Rock. G Spot Blues - Shaun Baxter. G definitely marks the spot - in more ways than one
    Hot Country - Bayou Slide. Slip-slide into that spicy Cajun sound
    GT Tips: Funk Rhythm - get into the groove
    MOT your guitar - Don't fret! All your fingerboard problems solved

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-zai7xsr3awsi7zzfppyy.jpg
    The Pink Floyd Chronicles - David Mead's adventures in wonderland! Doing time with one of the biggest bands in the world - Tim Renwick, Phil Taylor and the main man himself, Dave Gilmour
    Easy Like...Murder By Numbers - The Police Sting and boys are brought to justice!
    Jazz Standard: Sophisticat'ed Lady - Duke Ellington Elegance itself
    Transcription: Wish You Were Here (live version) - Pink Floyd. Tripping the light (show) fantastic!
    Smash Hit: The Cranberrits - Zombie Day of The Dead Good
    Unplugged: James Taylor - You've Got A Friend. Just call out his name...
    Taylor Made: Blues For Toby part 2. Embellishing the melody
    Geoff's Blues: Dave Gilmour - Standing Around Crying. No more tears from Floyd's guitar man as he takes on this Muddy Waters classic in a display of taseteful blues guitar
    Shaum Baxter's Beyond Rock: Van Halen - Push Comes To Shove Didn't they spill your pint?
    Hot Country: Intervals. Seconds out - Lee Hodgson mounth an expedition into space!
    GT Tips: How to use a Wan-wah pedal - or the wah to end all wahs...

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-nqx8gf11l9tlvraeiag9.jpg
    Jennifer Batten - What's it like to hold down the Michael Jackson gig, do guitar clinics and promote a solo career? Ms. Batten tells all!
    Easy Like...I Just Wanna Make Love To You - Willie Dixon. Jeff Beck and Alex Harvey try not to get soppy
    Jazz Standard: Angel Eyes - Matt Dennis. A jazz femme fatale
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z Of Great Riffs: O-Ocean Colour Scene Chartbound pop riffs!
    Taylor Made: Blues For Toby Part 3. It's solo time...
    Main Transcription: Animal Nitrate - Suede. The Butler did it...
    Beyond Rock: Jimmy Raney solo study Tribute to a jazz legend
    Geoff's Blues: Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo Johnny Winter revs up another hot blues!
    Unplugged: Merrily Kissed The Quaker - Eric Roche sows some wild Irish oats!
    Hot Country: Intervals Part 2. Harmony's building blocks
    GT Tips: D Tuning. Sometimes ya just gotta drop'em!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-4oo7d5cfogj2uf5wqtzz.jpg
    Words of Wisdom - Boost the effectiveness of your practice time. Wise words to accompany our super, handy wallchart!
    Smash Hit - Everyday Is A Winding Road - Sheryl Crow This month we're "Raven" it up with this hit!
    Jazz Standard: Greensleeves - Henry VIII? A very old "standard"!
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z Of Great Riffs: P - Judas Priest Get heavy with this month's monster rock riffs!
    Main Transcription: Weak - Skunk Anansie Not to be sniffed at...
    Unplugged: The Brandenburg Hornpipe Eric Roche gets a Handel on this Bach!
    Geoff's Blues: Jeff Beck's "Plimsoul Blues" Pump up the volume and dap your way through this buesy number
    Beyond Rock: Nuno Bettencourt's "Play With Me"
    Taylor Made: Get in those shady, shifty jazz chords...
    Hot Country: Intervals Part 3. The 3rd part deals with 5ths and 6ths!
    GT Tips: Reggae Guitar Styles Learn your skanks and double skanks...
    آخرین ویرایش توسط یکی از مدیران: ‏5/7/11
  3. qLeph

    qLeph هنرمند عضو سایت

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ارسال ها:
    محل سکونت:
    +743 / 0 / -2

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-a4cbilovzjxdastxdolo.jpg
    Reeves Gabrels - David Bowie's right-hand man invokes something of a sonic maelstrom with some hi-tech virtual guitar!
    The Attitude Song - Steve Vai's guitar masterpiece in extreme close up! Last year Steve dusted off this astounding instrumental once more for the G3 tour. This month, we bring you the most in-depth analysis this song has ever received. Learn Steve's or Mike Keneally's part and play along to the specially recorded backing tracks on the GT CD!
    Jazz Standard - "In A Sentimental Mood" Duke Ellington's beautiful ballad arranged for solo guitar
    Geoff's Blues - Minors Aloud! Just how do you over a chord arrangement for minor blues?
    Unplugged - Eric Clapton's Grammy-winning acoustic hit, "Change The World", receives the GT unplugged treatment
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z Of Great Riffs - Q-Queensryche: American prog rockers breeze in for some stately riffs!
    Beyond Rock: Giant Steps - Part 2 Shaun Baxter looks at the rhythm guitar part behind this be-bop classic
    Taylor Made - Auld Lang Syne Part 2 Martin Taylor's second solo arrangement of this well-known traditional song
    Hot Country - Work some special bending techniques into your playing e and imitate a slide guitar!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-pbwi0ohenh7rsy239c6u.jpg
    Scott Gorham - Some golden memories from Thin Lizzy's ace guitarist!
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z Of Great Riffs - Q is for Queensryche - Part 2 More riffs from the ultimate American rockers
    Geoff's Blues: First position fire-power with some open string blues licks!
    Unplugged: In the 70s, countless youngsters got all misty-eyed with John Martyn's "May You Never" and their first girlfriend
    Main Transcription: Condition your hair, open your shirt and give Thin Lizzy's "Still In Love With You" all you've got
    Jazz Standard: Frank Evans' swansong with his very own composition: "Waltz For Django"
    Beyond Rock: This month Shaun Baxter has a solo study in the style of fusion guitarist Pat Martino
    Smash Hit: Stevie Winwood and the Spencer Davis Boys set "discoteques" alight in the 60s with "Keep On Running". You can play it too, with the benefit of the GT backing track and lesson.
    Taylor Made: It's easy to write your own arrangements of your favourite tunes. Martin Taylor shows you how
    Hot Country - Everybody needs good neighbours - especially Lee Hodgson!
    GT Tips - Put a bit of spice in your playing. Master the art of the vibrato with this hands-on extravaganza from Jamie Humphries

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-d1er7at9cev7rn1745j.jpg
    Janis Ian - Songwriter supreme talks about her new album, signature guitar, touring, life - and everything in between!
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs - Canadian supergroup Rush enter the A-Z spotlight
    Shaun Baxter's Beyond Rock - A boss rhythm guitar study in the style of fusion maestro Pat Martino
    Main Transcription - Iron Maiden's raucous instrumental "Losfer Words" in graphic detail!
    Geoff's Blues - Spice up your blues playing with some of that ol' Texan flair!
    Easy Like...In the first of a new-look Easy Like, Guthrie Govan explores the funky grooves of Jamiroguai
    Unplugged - Dust off those nylon strings for a classical guitar study from Matteo Carcassi
    Lick Library - No calls for silence in GT's Library - bring on the Foo Fighters
    Taylor Made - Adding interest to moving chord lines
    GT Tips - The distinctive sounds of Britpop guitar - Blur, Oasis, Radiohead, Kula Shaker - you name it, we've got it!
    Hot Country - How to treat a country ballad in the style of Dan Guff and Vince Gill

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-y6vkfpujw2fc1ifz2cle.jpg
    David Rhodes - Peter Gabriel's guitarist-in-chief talks about composing music for films and commercials in between staging the PG spectacular!
    Unplugged - Play one-man duets with the GT CD in our revolutionary classical extravaganza!
    Lick Library - How do those moody rascals, The Verve, get their chart-topping guitar sounds!
    Geoff's Blues - Play that funky blues music with the aid of GT's Boogie Knight
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Fiffs - Rush are back in the A-Z harness for some more amazing riffs!
    Main Transcription - Not one but two versions of the classic "Friday On My Mind" - step forward The Easybeats and Mr. Gary Moore...
    Easy Like...The artist which, for convenience's sake, we're going to continue to call Prince puts his chops on the block
    Taylor Made - Include some walking bass lines in your solo jazz playing
    Shaun Baxter's Beyond Rock - This month, a special workshop on economy and sweep picking
    Hot Countrry - Country metal? Lee Hodgson works up a sweat in the hottest hot country ever!
    GT Tips - Make the blues scale work for with our dirty dozen essential blues licks

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-ihkw8lyxp4aok8paq6o0.jpg
    Joe Satriani - The Silver Sulfer returns with a new album full of the scariest guitar-playing this side of the galaxy. GT pins Satch down for some serious chat...
    Unplugged - Another in our series of play-along classical duets - this month, we look at the Elizabethan era
    Lick Library - The Manic Street Preachers take their turn in the Lick Library's hallowed halls!
    Geoff's Blues - Get ready for some funky blues lead guitar - so hot it's really cool!
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs - It's the riffs that rule - enter Joe Satriani!
    Main Transcription - Rock icons Guns N' Roses satisfy GT's appetite for instruction! Learn all the guitar parts and solos from the rock classic "Welcome To The Jungle"
    Easy Like...It's Prince part two - learn the purple one's solo style in GT's-depth analysis
    Taylor Made - A bossa nova study with a bit of a twist - name that tune and win a prize!
    Shaun Baxter's Beyond Rock - Learn some guitar harmony whilst you brush up your picking technique
    Hot Country - Lee Hodgson looks at three country solos to burn up your fretboard!
    GT Tips - Don't bottle them up, move'em around - with GT's essential guide to slide guitar
    Theory In Practice - In the first of a new series, Dave Kilminster introduces you to the power of three - using triads in your playing

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-m4m12a8l0gretynfh8kv.jpg
    John Scofield - Slave to the rhythm but master of the groove - Sco talks cool jazz to Cliff Douse
    Main Transcription - Oxford popsters Supergrass bounce back with their acoustic hit "Late In The Day" - Unplugged champ Eric Roche explains all
    Lick Library - Take a look at Steve Cradock's guitar style in our Ocean Colour Scene sound safari!
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riffs - Joe Satriani rocks back with some more six-string wizardry
    Easy Like...No one can wail like blues rock king Carlos Santana - find out how he does it!
    Shaun Baxter's Beyond Rock - Two hand tapping technique explored and explained
    Geoff's Blues - A look at Jimi Hendrix's blues rhythm style
    Taylor Made - An arrangement of the traditional folk tune "Danny Boy" for solo jazz guitar
    Unplugged - J S Bach's "Invention No 13" arranged for two guitars by Eric Roche and Phil Hilborne
    Theory In Practice - A different way of looking at chords - Dave Kilminister's in charge of the fourth form!
    GT Tips - Play with a chum or two in perfect harmony - GT shows you how!
    Hot Country - Electric country soloing ideas direct from the dude ranch of GT's stetson-sporting cowpoke tutor Lee Hodgson

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-yw7lw2eqparztlp9ik0.jpg
    Eric Johnson - The Texan tonemeister talks to GT's Phil Hilborne about playing, practising and recording. Oh, and the old "Duracell" debate continues!
    Geoff's Blues - Jimi Hendrix's blues lead style receives the Geoff Whitehorn treatment
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z Of Great Riffs - It's T for Toto! Check out Steve Lukather's riff prowess and learn how to hold that line...
    Main Transcription - Eric Johnson's touching tribute to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan - "SRV"
    Unplugged - A duet for classical guitar: Rondo and Minore from Ferdinando Carulli's Opus 34
    Shaun Baxter's Beyond Rock - You won't need your pick for this month's two hand tapping extravaganza...
    Taylor Made - This month, "Mouse's Spinney" - a jazz waltz for solo guitar
    Easy Like...All the secrets of the Keith Richards rhythm style revealed - just throw away your E string!
    Lick Library - The Stone Rose's Ian Brown's new project comes in for a guitar style overview
    Hot Country - Refresh your playing by learning licks from other instruments - wanna play like a banjo?
    Theory In Practice - Stacking fifths - an interesting harmonic alternative!
    GT Tips - How to arrange guitar lines in three part harmony
    Style Study - Guest transcriber Keith More guides you through the solo from "Silver Bullet"

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-zk87udrlt09xasdoy5l.jpg
    Carl Verheyen - Not heard of him? Bet you have! Top LA session player, Supertramp guitarist and stunning solo artist tells you his practising secrects!
    Geoff's Blues - Deep Purple's rocky blues "Lazy" receives the Geoff Whitehorn treatment.
    Phil Hilborne's A-Z Of Great Riffs - Toto guitar man Steve Lukather riffs out with "Party In Simon's Pants' - no, really!
    Main Transcription - Robben Ford's exquisite "Ain't Got Nothin" But The Blues' is more than your regular three chord 12-bar - much, much more...
    Unplugged - The second guitar part from Rondo And Minore from Ferdinando Carulli's Opus 34
    Shaun Baxter's Beyond Rock - Extended arpeggios in rock - go on, include some in your playing!
    Taylor Made - An alternate take on Taylor's "Mouse's Spinney".
    Easy Like...BB King - The undisputed king of the blues - join Lee Hodgson as he checks out some of BB's royal licks!
    Lick Library - Stick'em up, punk - it's the Fun Lovin' Criminals!
    Hot Country - Master the technique of string-bending.
    Theory In Practice - Dave Kilminister comes over all atmospheric with some chords he, ahem, prepared earlier!
    GT Tips - Snail's Pace Slim makes a welcome return to GT with the lowdown on playing slide guitar.

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-gb0kapychrhrffy50yo.jpg
    The smashing pumpkins - The full sex'n'drugs'n'rock'n'roll story of one of the world's most successful bands. And the strange case of the GT Billy Corgan doppelganger!
    Qeen - "One Vision", taken from the album Live Magic. Brian May's guitar part note for royal note!
    Uli jon roth - The A-Z of Great Riffs looks at the ex-Scorpions axeman - bit of a Hendrix influence, perhaps?
    Deep Purple - Ritchie Blackmore's second solo from "Lazy": blues guitar with a rock edge.
    Radiohead - A full transcription of the band's hit single "Just" from the album The Bends.
    Ry cooder slide style - Snail's Pace Slim examines the slide style of one of the genre's true masters.
    Jimmy Van Heusen - Martin Taylor's arrangement of the jazz standard "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" for solo guitar.
    Reef - Everything you need to know about Kenwyn House's guitar antics!
    Altered Tunings - An introduction to drop D tuning, as used by Neil Young and Kurt Cobain.
    Extended Arpeggios - Spice up your solos with some well-honed twiddly bits!
    Sliding Fourths - Country players like Dann Huff and Brent Mason swear by stuff like this!
    Blues Position Playing - You'll never get lost on your fretboard again - learn some energy saving blues moves.

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-8exopu5dq2jpj0ns3c0.jpg
    Bob Brozman - He's an authority on National Steel guitars and no means slide guitar player - and he knows his Mateus Rose wine bottles!
    The Beatles - George Harrison's acoustic masterpiece "Here Comes the Sun" from the legendary Abbey Road album
    Steve Vai - The inestimable Mr V shakes up this month's A-Z of Great Riffs - we are not worthy, etc...
    Led Zeppelin - Geoff Whitehorn dissects Jimmy Page's chaotic blues guitar on "I Can't Quit You"
    Zakk Wylde - The wizard from Ozzy's band finds himself under Jamie Humphries' style microscope
    Spanish tunning - Slide into some sweet blues with Slim's bottleneck primer
    Martin Taylor - gt's resident jazz superstar looks at another Jimmy Van Heusen standard
    Skunk anansie - Learn the secrets of Ace's sound
    Altered tunings - How low can you go by dropping a couple of strings?
    Extended arpeggios - Just what you need for a night on the fretboard!
    Major to minor - How easy is to swap from rock and country and back again?
    Pentatonic soloing - A few more ways of using those well-known scale shapes

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-e68lxaq3ledrnudf0oz1.jpg
    Richie Sambora - Bon Jovi's guitarist discusses the solo life and his new album, Undiscovered Soul
    Status Quo - gt pays tribute to the backbone of British rock with a transcription of "Whatever You Want"
    Steve Vai - Richie Sambora describes him as a "technique monster". Can you tame his music?
    Bon Jovi - Rock out with New Jersey's finest: "Lay Your Hands on Me"
    Michael Hedges - The acoustic maestro pays tribute to John Lennon with "Lenono"
    Jimmy Van Heusen - Martin Taylor looks at another classic jazz standard: "Here's That Rainy Day"
    The Deftones - Prepare to de-tune with the Stateside rockers
    Learn a few tricks with gt's simple three-step guide to delay
    Extended arpeggios - Expand your solos with lateral movement
    Digital dexterity - A 10-step workout to get your fingers in shape
    Pentatonic key changes - Getting from A to C needn't be so hard

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-jp54o76if8oekg5ohaf9.jpg
    John Lee Hooker - The legendary bluesman growis his way back with a compilation of his best work and a nice cosy chat with gt
    Eric Clapton - From those crazy days when Eric was Derek, ladeez and gentlemen, we bring you the most celebrated riff of all time. Yes! It's "Layla"...
    Steve Vai - A full transcription of "Bull Whip" from "Fire Garden Suite"
    Peter Green - "Looking Back" on vintage Greeny from the John Mayall era
    Albert Lee - Mr. Country Guitar rips it up on "Tiger Rag"
    The water is wide - The beautiful traditional American song arranged for acoustic guitar
    Martin Taylor - A solo jazz guitar arrangement of the Jimmy Van Heusen standard "Darn That Dream"
    Black grape - Get inside the guitar sound of the in black, er, grape
    Extended arpeggios - Final part! How to use arpeggios in your solos
    Using pentatonics - A minor pentatonic over a major chord? How can this be?
    Delay 2 - You remember Nuno Bettencourt's delay workout on the mega-selling Pornograffitti album, don't you? Well, now you can do it, too
    آخرین ویرایش توسط یکی از مدیران: ‏5/7/11
  4. qLeph

    qLeph هنرمند عضو سایت

    تاریخ عضویت:
    ارسال ها:
    محل سکونت:
    +743 / 0 / -2

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-uiq10u3ueu3fvr36b34m.jpg
    Robert Fripp - A young person's guide to creating amazing orchestral effects from one guitar - check out the bonus track on the CD!
    King Crimson - Fripp's amazing "Moto Perpetuo"
    Whitesnake - Gawd! Even the A-Z's wearing spandex!
    Gary Moore - The classic "Parisienne Walkways" - c'est bon
    Chet Atkins - Play a waltz in the style of the master
    Handel - "Fireworks Music" for acoustic guitar
    Film 98 - Martin Taylor's widescreen arrangement
    3 colours red - Take a look at their guitar style
    Cover feature: get started - Starts this month - all you need to know to put you on the road to guitar stardom
    10 top tapping licks - Using all eight fingers on the fretboard
    Mixolydian mode soloing - Major fusion alert!
    Soloing over major triads - Hey, everyone needs to know this!
    Win Robert Fripp cds - Enter the gates of paradise
    Win beginner's videos - Your very own TV tutor

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-yh2w11ibpnb1t1pmz1hm.jpg
    Strunz and Farah - Put this pair together with nylon strung guitars in their hands and it's instant fireworks and amazing virtuosity. We find out what makes this unique duo tick
    Van Halen - Sir Edward and the lads let loose on "Ain't Talkin" "Bout Love"
    Deep Purple - The blacktop-crunching splendour that is "Highway Star"
    Booker t and the mg's - The original version of the Blues Brother's smash, "Green Onions"
    Martin Taylor - Jazz calypso with Earl Klugh's "Kiko"
    Acoustic tunings - Twist those tuners and find some new sounds
    Country guitar - Who's hot and who's hotter!
    Funk special - Get down with gt funk primer
    Mixolydian mode soloing - Easier than it sounds
    Minor pentatonics - Another crafty use for this most adaptable scale
    Beginner's series - Starting out with chords

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-rtilnxqjrsifkzwttttv.jpg
    Hank Marvin - The man himself gives us the history behind this month's Shadows transcription. Who played what, the guitars, the amps - it's all here!
    The shadows - Classic Sads step out with "Sleepwalk'
    The x-files - "Out there" riffs from Billy ldol, Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, T. Rex, Therapy? and Survivor
    The cult - A demonic rock out with "Li'l Devil"
    Martin Taylor - Doggone jazz with "Hooch the Pooch"
    Michael Chapman - "Naked Ladies and Electric Ragtime" - no, really!
    Placebo - Androgynous pop with "Pure Morning"
    Country guitar - Chicken pickin' funk, Jerry Lee style
    The Japanese connection - Spicy scales from the orient
    Mixolydian mode soloing - Weddling over dominant chords
    Beginners' series - Playing your first song with a pick
    Win Hank Marvin videos - ...and learn the Henkster's playing secrets

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-wb0ixfwcu2crp5z76o.jpg
    Rob Davis and Andy Scott - Guitar men from 70s glam sensations Mud and Sweet look back at the guitar sounds that blitzed a generation!
    Cream - Vintage Clapton blues: "Sleepy Time Time"
    Yes - The greatest riffs of the prog supermos
    Steve Morse - Two exclusive tracks recorded in the gt studios by Steve himself
    Green day - Billy's underground acoustic anthem "Time of your Life"
    Martin Taylor -"Chillin" with Oscar: an ode to a cool dog"
    Thrash and death metal rhythm - Time for some serious moshing!
    Country guitar - Using sixths and thirds in your solos
    Mixolydian mode soloing - More hi-jinks with Shaun Baxter
    Beginners' series - Easy right hand picking exercises
    Battle of the bands - Become the bright new stars of 1999
    Win a Steve Morse guitar - Get your hands on a signed Music Man Steve Morse Signature guitar

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-rzl9mltfl35plmci36ro.jpg
    John Etheridge - The fusion pioneer and jazz workshop veteran talks about the problems guitar students face when trying to fathom soloing over changes for the first time
    Aerosmith - Rock'n'roll's bad boys misbehave in a lift!
    Frank Zappa - Adrian Clark shuts up and plays his guitar
    AC/DC - You wanna Whole Lotta Rosie? You'got it!
    Led Zeppelin - Jimmy page's acoustic workout: "Bron-Y-Aur"
    Martin Taylor - The tribute to Django continues: "Chez Fernand"
    Wes Montgomery - "Grooveyard" chord study
    Rory Gallagher - Immaculate blues on "I Ain't No saint"
    Country guitar - Playing over country chord changes
    Outside playing - When "wrong" notes are right
    Beginners' series - First steps in string bending
    Win bath guitar festival entrance - Almost as good as a free holiday!
    Win Led Zeppelin books - Read about rock excesses!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-t75eecfg9wgzk3t1qzc.jpg
    John Williams - A chat with the classical guitar virtuoso about teaching and being taught
    Buddy Holly - 40 years on, the classic "Peggy Sue"
    Titanic theme - A solo version of "My Heart Will Go On"
    Michael Jackson - Van Halen's stunning solo from "Beat It"
    Mountain - Blues heights with "Mississippi Queen"
    Joaquin Rodrigo - "Concierto de Aranjuez" 2nd movement
    Korn - Seven-string, foundation-shaking rock
    Six jazz licks - Martin Taylor gives you six of the best
    Latin grooves - Playing over South American rhythms
    Country guitar intervals - They can make a big difference, y'all!
    Ionian mode soloing - Using the major scale for soloing
    Beginning to play scales - All together now, one, two, three, four...
    Wanna learn to read music? - Andrian Clark tries to help

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-4v24uj3nw3zs8xoi9i4s.jpg
    The blues band - Guitarists Dave Kelly and Tom McGuinness get a gt grilling
    The Rolling Stones - 1973's classic hit, "Angie"
    Zz top - "Jesus Just Left Chicago"
    Robert Cray - The solo to "Porch Light"
    Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blues deluxe on "Blue on Black"
    Davey Graham - The fingerstyle classic "Anji"
    Jazz soloing - More tips from Martin Taylor
    Chordal Tapping - Two hands on the neck
    Ionian mode soloing - Major scale mayhem
    Country string bending - Jerry Donahue's secrets revealed!
    Beginning blues rhythm
    First steps on classical guitar - The correct playing position
    Riff of the century...
    Using two amps on stage

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-kgle4qbgb1hefjm5mxd.jpg
    Robben Ford - A new CD and some live dates in the UK - time for a chat, then!
    The Beatles - John Lennon's beautiful ballad "Julia"
    Joe Walsh - "Life's Been Good" for The Eagles" guitar man
    Eric Johnson - Reach for the heights of "Manhattan"
    Thin Lizzy - Sizzling solos on "Waiting for an Alibi"
    The Faces - Downhome boogie from Rod'n'Ron - "Stay With Me"
    Jazz turnarounds - Cool jazz licks galore
    Country chords - Spice up your country life
    Odd time signatures - What do you do when the rhythm goes mad?
    Ionian mode soloing - Using the major scale to solo
    String bending for beginners - Got the push me, pull you blues...
    First steps on classical guitar - Alternating right hand fingers
    Vote for the riff of the century - There's still time to vote for the riffs that shook the earth!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-uedwv0bkf9ztuwbhhl.jpg
    Eric Bibb - The blues' modern journeyman talks about his latest album, recorded deep in the delta...of Norfolk?
    Eric Clapton - EC's classic "Wonderful Tonight"
    Zakk Wylde - Exclusive private lesson
    Bb King - "Every Day I Have the Blues" - he's the King!
    Randy Rhoads: Classic solo - "Goodbye to Romance"
    Martin Taylor - Hoagy Carmichael's "Georgia on my Mind"
    Lee Ritenour - Fusion maestro in nylon string shock!
    Ferdinando Carulli - Right hand independence
    Using harmonics - All the really neat tricks and tips
    Open position major scales - Using open strings for country twang
    Soloing with the major scale - The most important scale in music
    Funk rhythm for beginners - Get on down and learn some funky stuff
    Riff of the century - Your last chance to vote!
    Win Eric Clapton's new cd! - Over two and a half hours of prime blues

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-mukpqf0v1ddbdljebctx.jpg
    Dominic Miller - When he's not treading the world's stage with Sting, Dominic is busy producing a follow up to his very successful first solo album...
    Joe Satriani - Joe declares "War" in gt!
    Fleetwood Mac - It's just a rumour, but they're "Never Going Back Again"
    Zakk Wylde - Part two of our exclusive masterclass
    The Beatles - A solo jazz rendition of "Here There and Everywhere"
    Robin Trower - Powerful blues from an unsung legend
    Eight finger tapping - That just leaves you with a pair of thumbs, right?
    Open string scales - Country guitar just wouldn't sound right without 'em
    Major scale soloing - A round of applause for the lonian mode!
    Pentatonic warm-ups - A beginner's guide to the big five
    Classical arpeggios - Essential nylon string technique
    Win signed Zakk Wylde CDs - Get 'em while they're still hot!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-7sad6puhsh3dv81qg2wd.jpg
    Walter trout - A close-up look at one of the busiest blues players on the road today
    Stevie Ray Vaughan - SRV lays back on "Stang's Swang"
    Ty tabor - An exclusive track and soloing study
    Moontain - "Nantucket Sleighride", anyone?
    Martin Taylor - "Over the Rainbow" for solo guitar
    Thomas Leeb - Acoustic high jinks on "Akaskero"
    Latin grooves revisited - Not a bossa nova in sight, either!
    Soloing over altered dominants - How do you deal with a flat ninth?
    Jerry Donahue-style solo - He's the king of folk and country guitar
    Legato warm ups for beginners: Pick less - and play more notes!
    Classical music in two parts - Playing melody and bass together
    Win king's x cds! - Your chance to sample some more of Ty Tabor's guitar playing

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-90f6ttomx8st8j1njdkc.jpg
    Richie Kotzen - An interview with the king shredder, now gone chopping with Stanley Clark
    Pink Floyd - "Another Brick in the Wall pt2" covering the complete guitar solo from this anthem
    Dire Straits - Simple harmonies, so "Why Worry"
    Richie Kotzen Masterclass - Stretch your skills to the limits with this exclusive guitar solo
    Deep Purple - "Demon's Eye" - shades of the blues
    Ten Strange Noises - Phil and Guthrie's guide to a range of guitar-driven strange sounds
    Classical music in two parts - Get your fingers and upper voice accompaniment
    Reggae for beginners: It's all in the rhythm - find your way into that Jamaican groove
    Jazz up your playing with the melodic minor scale - Get the distinctive sounds of jazz under your fingertips
    Chicken pickin' country style - Solo homage to the likes of Brent Mason, Arlen Roth, Chet Atkins and Albert Lee
    Hold it! - All you ever wanted to know about using a pick and were too afraid to ask
    آخرین ویرایش توسط یکی از مدیران: ‏5/7/11
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    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-oyzg1zf5bvgdq49dx0jy.jpg
    Martin Taylor - Just what does Martin Taylor get up to when he's not slaving away over his monthly gt column? The life of a jazz jet-setter revealed!
    Greatest riffs of the century - Early last year, we asked readers to nominate their personal top five riffs. We wanted to know which guitar moments helped shape the mighty edifice of rock'n'roll. The response was telling: some votes were surprising, others downright barmy! But in the end you voted and we counted - but who won?
    Metallica play Queen - The men in black go "Stone Cold Crazy"
    Peter Green - Fleetwood Mac's "Black Magic Women"
    Thomas Robinson - 400-year-old classical canon in "Grisse His Delight"
    Pentatonics special - That most useful of scales receives a dusting down from the gt team...
    Connecting pentatonic scales - You know the five basic shapes, but how do you join them together?
    Pentatonic work-out - Welcome to the gt gym - let's get those fingers working!
    Beginning rock'n'roll - First steps in learning some basic rock'n'roll rhythm guitar
    Modal soloing - Talking the Mixolydian flat 6 for a spin

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-iezuagyxj1qhpudkwifu.jpg
    Nick Kane - The Mavericks' guitar man tells gt just what it takes to dance the night away in real style!
    Deep Purple - You voted it as being the greatest riff of the century - here's the song in full
    Gary Moore - A quick look at the weather reveals a "Cold Day in Hell" for Gary
    Alex de Grassi - Pure unplugged bliss with "Short Order"
    Van Morrison - Classic pop with "Brown Eyed Girl"
    Matteo Carcassi - A classical guitar workout from the Italian master's catalogue
    Martin Taylor - The jazz man returns to play some cunning chord melody intros
    Country slide - A solo in the style of Lee Roy Parnell
    Pentatonic soloing - How to connect scales over seemingly remote chord changes
    Guitar a la mode - Further modal adventuting with the Lydian sharp 5
    Rock'nroll lead guitar - An essential beginners' guide
    Full gt index - Find every gt transcription!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-f5dgoueuvbi95f463fhw.jpg
    Gwyn Ashton: He's supported Status Quo and headlined with Robben Ford - what makes this bluesman tick?
    ac/dc: "Hell's Bells" - not for the timid!
    Bo Diddley: "Not Fade Away" - three versions in one!
    Scott Joplin: "The Entertainer" - for solo acoustic
    Duane Eddy: "Peter Gunn" - become a Blues Brother!
    Martin Taylor: "Lil Darlin" - big band guitar
    Fernando Sor: "Study in 3rds and 6ths" - classic stuff
    Fake slide guitar - Is that a bottle in Guthrie's pocket?
    Hybrid picking - Pick'n'fingers, country style
    Modal soloing - The Locrian Nat 2nd - exposed!
    Beginning soul rhythm - Become an apprentice soul man
    Competition - Win an interactive songbook
    gt index part 2 - All the features from gt's six-year reign
    Join in the chat - Have you visited the gt chat room?
    Top gear - What the gt crew use when playing live

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-es3xxqka1mckr627te5z.jpg
    Jeff Tamelier - Tower of Power's rhythm ace lets us in on how to keep in the groove
    Asia - "Sole Survivor" played the DK way
    Albert Lee masterclass - An exclusive look at some country chops!
    Blues - Muddy Waters style - Wanna be a hoochie coochie man?
    Charlie Hunter's jig - Traditional acoustic high'jinks
    Martin Taylor - "I Get Along Without You Very Well"
    Francisco Tarrega: Classical guitar technique - "Adelita"
    Get your picking in shape! - Single string exercises to get you buzzin
    Soul for beginners - pt 2 - A little soulful soloing
    Modal Soloing - It's time for that Lydian flat 7 mode
    Win an Albert Lee guitar! - A signed Music Man Albert Lee model up for grabs - get those postcards ready!
    Win a place at the igf - You could take part in the International Guitar Festival for free
    Win a Clapton video - We've got five copies of EC's concert at Madison Square Gardens to give away

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-va5vu6fhpkr7qq4g8c4.jpg
    The Shadows "foot tapper"
    Dave Edmunds "sabre dance"
    Peter Green "albatross"
    Carlos Santana "samba pa ti"
    The allman brothers "jessica"
    Steve Vai "for the love of God"

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-qrl87dp4n6at96t5bttq.jpg
    Jim Mullen: He's been voted jazz guitarist of the year - go listen to the Jimjam man!
    Santana - Carlos plays Buddy on "Well...All Right"
    Joe Walsh - The Eagles' guitar man takes the 'Rocky Mountain Way'
    Leo Kottke - An exciting interpretation of Duane Allman's "Little Martha"
    Black Crowes - They're too hard to handle...
    Henry Viiith - Well, they say he wrote "Greensleeves" for Anne Boleyn, y'know
    Martin Taylor - What George Gershwin and Charlie Parker did for jazz
    Organ-style comping - Turn your guitar into a mighty Wurlitzer!
    Country guitar - Perk up your country rhythm chops
    Cross piking for beginners - Liven up those chord arrangements
    Modal Soloing - Making the Superlocrian mode work
    Win a week at the IGF - You chance to win a week's stay at this year's International Guitar Festival in Bath. All accommodation, seminars, workshops and concerts for free - and all we want is an "interesting" picture of you and your guitar...

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-muywyqsizfx3cvj5gns.jpg
    Robert Fripp - The Crimson King's guide to Guitar Craft and thowing soft fruit...
    Eric Clapton - Vintage EC from his Beano-reading days with The Bluesbreakers
    Paul Gilbert: A shredder's delight - just add attitude!
    Colin Reid - A fingerpicking workout from an up-and-coming stringster
    Marilyn Manson - Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" as you've never heard it before
    Martin Taylor - A few solo ideas from the jazz master
    Rhythm Tips - Lee Hodgson demonstrates some comping ideas to add to your collection
    Flamenco - First steps in playing authentic flamenco guitar with "Malaguena"
    Organ Soloing - Stealing ideas from the keyboard kingdom and putting them on the fretboard
    Beginning slide guitar - Dave K - back on the bottleneck
    Modal soloing - Ripping it up with some Jazz Metal licks
    Win King Crimson's new CD - Your chance to bid for The ConstruKction of Light

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-hpgxczb5qdo11j4lv7cu.jpg
    Pink Floyd - Light up 17 pages of smakin "guitar!"
    Robert Cray - He's in a "Phone Booth", baby - and your number's on the wall...
    Jamie Findlay - "The Art Of Acquiring Attributes" - nice title, great playing
    Martin Taylor - They're playing jazz in Bedrock - "Meet The Flintstones" No, really...
    Paul Gilbert masterclass - Part two of our exclusive lesson
    Soloing with sevenths - How to use dominant seventh arpeggios in your solos
    Country guitar, shania-style - Exploring the guitar styles on Shania Twain's chart-topping record
    Flamenco! - A look at the Soleares from sunny Spain
    Django's jazz - Gypsy-style jazz guitar for beginners
    Pentatonic soloing - We all use them, but how do you change key with them?

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-mx4pfgxllr18mt7hjanw.jpg
    Tommy Emmanuel - He's a household name in his native Australia and he's set to take the UK by storm
    Led Zeppelin - It's been a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time - but they're back!
    Steely Dan - Classic first-album finesse with "Do It Again"
    Desmond Reis - The Brazilian standard "Magoado" arranged for nylon string guitar
    Martin Taylor - The solo from "Midnight At The Oasis"
    The kingsmen - All together now, "Louie Louaaay..."
    Flamenco - Combining "falsetas" with rhythmic compas in "Soleares Falsetas"
    Country - Soloing over major seventh chords from different keys
    Gypsy jazz - Playing solos in the style of Django Reinhardt
    Rock fusion - Using stacked fourths to bring out the George Benson in your rhythm playing!
    Pentatonics - Playing pentatonic licks in different keys to broaden your fretboard knowledge

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-qonaan4k2mxdhfyzu20.jpg
    Simon Dinnigan - The classical virtuoso recalls his early career and a brush with rock'n'roll
    Dire Straits - Harking back to 1980 with the stadium classic "Romeo and Juliet"
    Freddie King - The original version of "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" under the microscope
    Billy Mclaughlin - "Stormseeker": an acoustic whirlwind not for the faint-hearted
    Reef - Back to the present day with the Glastonbury band's "Place Your Hands"
    Beginners - Go louder and lower with this essential guide to grunge guitar
    George Benson-style octaves - Inject a touch of octave-jumping into your jazz playing
    Changing key - More cunning ways to negotiate those fiendish chord changes
    Classical - Before you know it you'll be saying "Dove Son Quei Fieri Occhi" fluently
    Country - Shedding light on the shady world of shifting sevenths

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-fkzfqsavgflprhns7vdv.jpg
    King Rollo - Guitarist, singer and blues historian Rollo lays down the Delta lore...
    BB King - BB insists that "The Thrill Is Gone"
    Eric Johnson - Eric Johnson pays tribute to Wes Montgomery on "East Wes"
    Bryan Adams - Everything Eric Roche does, he does it for you. No, honestly...
    Joe Beck - Jazz guitar legend Beck reveals his chord melody secrets - prepare to be amazed!
    Beginning nu-metal soloing - gt's Dave puts the Kill back in Kilminster...Grrrr, snarl, etc...
    Shifting dominant 7ths - Soloing over key changes giving you a problem? Look no further...
    Classical - Renaissance lute music for nylon string
    Altered scales - Dealing with that tricky "Hendrix" chord
    Pentatonics - One chord per bar? No problem

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-cqu8ggyvminksj8bi2hi.jpg
    Michael Chapman - From a wet night in Cornwall to America's deep south - lumps, bumps'n'all!
    Jimi Hendrix - "Star Spangled Banner" for supersonic guitar
    Thin Lizzy - Better watch your step - the boys are back in gt...
    Eric Clapton - From the classic Bluesbreakers era, "Steppin Out"
    Michael Chapman - An exclusive track, recorded specially for gt - "Lumpy MacBumpy"
    Martin Taylor - Just as the chilly winds begin to blow, Martin takes us back to "Summertime"
    Hans Neusidler - Renaissance classical guitar with "Tanz der Washfrau"
    Funk Rhythm - Tower of Power-style funk guitar workout
    Minor chords - So do ya dance with 'em, smoke 'em or eat 'em?
    Jazz for beginners - Examining the numbers racket with II V I chord arrangements
    Pentatonic key changes - The things you can do with the guitar player's favourite scale!
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    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-ilw91p8vd5ejgfhb9mxf.jpg
    The Shadows - It's Hank time in gt once again - this month we looks back on the Shad's first big hit - "Apache".
    Instant Access Riffs - We've rifled through the archive to find a bunch of riffs anyone can play!
    Clive Carroll Masterclass - Irish acoustic wizardry on a home-grown tune, "Snakebite Boogie"
    Eric Roche - More Irish traditional guitar music with "Down By The Sally Gardens"
    Martin Taylor - A look at Gershwin's "They Can't Take That Away From Me"
    Luys De Narvaez - A Renaissance tune about guarding cows! "Guardame Las Vacas"
    Fast country picking - Faster than a speeding bullet, it's Lee Hodgson!
    African guitar style - A look at the distinctive style of guitar coming out of Africa
    Jazz rhythm guitar - Dave Kilminster takes a look at minor II V I rhythm...Nice.
    Soloing over chord changes - What happens when the changes come through thick and fast?

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-o92qnzd3gdk2j7qbhb4j.jpg
    Sonny Landreth: A heady mix of Cajun, Zydeko and country blues - gt talks to the southern slide king
    Steve Vai: The guitar overlord brings you guitar overload - run to the shelter!
    Vinnie Moore - Vinnie guides you through some very special licks to prepare you for next month's solo
    Phil Keaggy - Unreal acoustic guitar virtuosity on "In The Light Of Common Day"
    Martin Taylor - There's still time to practise this version of "My Funny Valentine" before the 14th!
    John Dowland - The finest lutenist from the Renaissance brings you "Queen Elizabeth's Galliard"
    Mike Bloomfield - To mark the 20th anniversary of his tragic death, a tribute to a late great bluesman
    Targeting chord tones - Introduce an African vibe into your playing by using triads
    Minor II V I soloing - Life in jazz lane takes a minor turn
    Using your tream bar - Don't just leave it hanging - go on, give it a wiggle!
    Rock guitar study - A fitness study to get those rock pyrotechnics up and running

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-8ywdam1508sbpqn368bj.jpg
    Aynsley Lister - A smouldering young gun on the British blues scene
    Deep Purple - Ritchie Blackmore lets loose on an early Purple instrumental, "Wring That Neck"
    Yngwie Malmsteen - Love him or hate him you've got to admin the guy can play!
    Woody Mann - Acoustic instrumental finesse on "Top Hat"
    Vinnie Moore - Part two of our exclusive masterclass - this month, the solo!
    Martin Taylor - Taking a first look at the be-bopper's delight - Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm"
    Sylvius Weiss - The classical column enters the Baroque era with the prelude to Weiss' Suite IV
    Country picking - Lee Hodgson offers some advice on perfect picking technique
    Combining 4/4 and 7/8 - Superimposing time signatures isn't just for guitar superheroes!
    Beginning funk rhythm - Wanna funk out like the Chili Peppers? Dave K leads the way!
    Jazz chord progressions - Just what are the chords that the jazzmen use? Shaun Baxter gives you the lowdown

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-odzv1rn0cjgddlks7p.jpg
    Gary Moore - Stormy Monday Blues
    Jonny Lang - Lie to me
    George Gershwin - I got rhythm
    Robert de Visee - Allemande
    Isaac Guillory - Surrendel
    Adrian Legg - Fingerstyle Masterclass
    String bending and tapping
    James Burton style soloing
    Chili Peppers guitar style
    Playing jazz lead

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-f176cbjk2utmby7jzjop.jpg
    John Hammond - Legendary blues stylist talks about his collaboration with Tom Waits
    Tom Petty - Nifty guitar work meets an "American Girl"
    Joe Zawinul - Blues meets jazz on "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"
    Adrian Legg masterclass - A full rendition of "Cajun Interlude" with words of guidance from the master himself
    Pierre Bensusan - Pierre's own transcription and recording of "The Last Pint"
    George Gershwin - Martin Taylor adds the chords to gt's build-your-own "I Got Rhythm"
    JS Bach - Take your partners for the Sarabande from Bach's third lute suite
    Jimi Hendrix - Guthrie takes a detailed look at Jimi's chord embellishments
    Stop it! - Using double stops in country guitar playing
    Beginning blues soloing - First steps in blues wailing - head on down to the Delta with Dave K
    Playing over dominant chords - Beware the Superlocrian, my son...

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-ykpo104bt22gepgqqg9.jpg
    Steve Lukather & Larry Carlton - Together a last on a new live CD. GT caught up with these two monster players and got the full lowdown...
    Cream - It's Eric, Jack and Ginger's "Politician" - Geoff Whitehorn has the full spin
    Montrose - Can you make your guitar sound like a motorbike? Let Jamie Humphries show you the way!
    Rod Stewart - Search out your Spandex for some serious guitar on "Hot Legs"
    Eric Roche - A traditional Irish hornpipe for acoustic guitar - "The Boys From Bluchill"
    Robert de Visee - The gavotte from de Visee's famous D Minor Lute Suite
    Martin Taylor - Taking a look at how intervals affect the sound of jazz - it's easier than you think!
    String bending - Take this vital technique a few steps further with Guthrie Govan's essential guide
    Blues soloing - jeff beck style - Join Dave Kilminister for a look at blues guitar with a twist
    Country swing - The place where jazz meets country
    Jazz guitar - Dealing with the V chord creatively

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-c3o9yjsas54z946nxnoc.jpg
    Robert Cry - The bluesman confesses all to gt and says he Shoulda Been Home
    Jeff Beck - A different technique on every note - workout with "The Pump"
    Foo fighters - Dave Grohl unleashes guitar mayhem on "My Hero"
    Peter Green - Melodic blues on Freddie King's "Someday After A While"
    Nick Drake - Modal tuning and cunning rhythms on the immortal "Road"
    JS Bach - Possibly the most famous Bach piece for guitar - the E minor Bourree from the first lute suite
    Danny Gatton - It's finger pickin "chicken lickin" all the way on our in-depth style analysis
    Martin Taylor - Unravelling the mysteries of jazz harmony - the easy way
    Sliding like Vai - Guthrie shows you some Vai and Satch influenced licks to kick your solos into orbit!
    It's chic! - Disco style rhythm ideas from the classic Chic era
    Holdsworth legato - A left hand workout like no other!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-cy41n65tmmzfe7q4thx.jpg
    Paul Kossoff - An excerpt from David Clayton's book about Free, focussing on Paul Kossoff's life and our specially featured transcription "The Hunter"
    Style Analysis - A look at Paul Kossoff's style and vibrato primer
    Free - A full transcription of "The Hunter", a long-time stage favourite and showcase for Kossoff's awesome playing style
    The Commitments - Wilson Pickett's "Mustang Sally" - with added soul power!
    The Beach Boys - Not a lot of people realise that Chuck Berry wrote "Surfin" USA"...
    Sylvius Weiss - The haunting "Pausane", delivered by gt's Weiss squad, Richard Stokkereit
    John Lee Hooker - A style study, featuring "This Is Hip" and "You're Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone"
    Open string chord voicings - Eric Roche looks at using open strings in chords - Pat Metheny style
    String bending thru scales - The Hellecasrer's Will Ray does it - now you can, too!
    Yngwie Malmsteen style - Guthrie takes a look at the super Swede's soloing style
    Harmony soloing - Two guitars in blissful harmony? Dave K passes on the known-how
    Fingerpicking workout - Using fingerpicking patterns throungh chord arrangements
    Dominant scale soloing - Jon Scofield likes a natural 6th in his dominant scales - give it a try!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-iyu5vlij9rx319jczf.jpg
    Eric Johnson - The Texas guitar legend spills the beans on guitars, gear and a 30-year career
    The Eagles - West Coast harmony meets twin-guitar country rock
    Radiohead - Take a deep breath and plunge into the Oxford band's "My Iron Lung"
    Robben Ford - Get ready for a mammoth drive through unfamiliar blues territory
    Eric Roche - gt's acoustic master unveils an exclusive transcription from his new album
    Frank Gambale masterclass - Part one of a two-part lesson in fusion from the maestro himself
    Robert de Visee - Concluding our tour of baroque-era music with a look at the gigue
    Blues rhythm - Paint a different shade of colour into those standard blues rhythms
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - style licks - Find out how the Southern boys create that distinctive twang
    Grunge rhythm - Bang of energy will get you through Dave K's grunge rhythm primer
    Fingerstyle - Ben Bartlett drops in from Guitarist with tips on digits and dexterity
    Dominant scales - Flatten that sixth for a jazzy vibe

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-7aozodkqrhxdskfmkk.jpg
    Chet Atkins Style study - Lee Hodgson dissects the late great countryman's style PLUS!
    "Over The Rainbow" - A full transcription of Atkins' unique interpretation of the "Wizard Of Oz" theme
    Stevie Ray Vaughan "Couldn't Stand The Weather" - Turbocharge your blues licks by learning the whole of SRV's classic
    David Bowie "Space Oddity" - 12-string rhythm and tasteful lead licks to learn from this legendary No 1
    Richie Kotzen "A Step Away" - Improve your blues-rock phrasing with this solo piece from the ex-Poison star
    Gaspar Sanz "Canarios" - This acoustic baroque dance will help you develop your left-hand technique
    Robben Ford-style blues - Guthrie Govan reveals how you can jazz up your blues licks
    Daily fingerstyle workout - Get good fast, with these daily right-hand exercises
    Grunge soloing - Nirvana-style leads made easy with this "punk picking" workshop
    Essential country rhythm - Make the most of simple chords with these country rhythm chops
    Mixing modes - Mix modes in one chord progression

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-e4cucf37zmcl0e6s4bu.jpg
    Brian May's Greatest Solos: "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Killer Queen", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - These masterstrokes of melody are an unmissable lesson in phrasing
    Stevie Ray Vaughan "Tin Pan Alley" - A clean-toned epic from the late Stevie Ray, full of classic licks to learn
    Thomas Leeb "The Hard Can" - A much-requested return from the man who just might currently be the world's finest fingerstylist
    Domenico Scarlatti "Sonata in E Minor" - Playing this baroque piece will improve your fingering and pizzicato (string muting) technique
    Frank Gambale Masterclass: Improve your sweep - and economy-picking in part II of the fusion maestro's exclusive masterclass
    Making "Wrong" Notes Work - How to incorporate "wrong" notes in a rock tune and come out smiling
    Vince Gill-Style Soloing - How to play country with a jazzy swing, from one of Nashville's hottest players
    First Steps in Fusion - A easy-to-moderate primer for anyone wishing to jazz up their playing
    Fingerstyle Melody Basics - Give your picking-hand a thorough workout with this fingerstyle lesson
    Rhythm Study - How to solo over a "rhythm change" jazz standard

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-cbxsklq65edffn9mcu.jpg
    Rock: Led Zeppelin - "Whole Lotta Love" plus 10 essential Jimmy Page licks!
    Procol Harum - "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"
    Papa Roach - "Last Resort"
    Rock Guitar Made Easy workshop - Perfect Your Pentatonics
    Fusion workshop - Larry Carlton-style soloing
    Blues: Blues Mutations workshop - Eric Clapton-style soloing
    Acoustic: Laurence Juber - "Bob's Your Uncle"
    Fingerstyle workshop - Using a capo
    Country: Rhythm workshop - New country ballads
    Classical: Matteo Carcassi - "Study No 23 in A Major"
    Jazz: Soloing workshop - Soloing over standards
    Funk: Session styles workshop - Nile Rodgers-style rhythm
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    محل سکونت:
    +743 / 0 / -2

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-45bnh0jj5jojvxs51gnp.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - In the second installment of our beginner-friendly workshop, we look at the secrets of better string bending
    Jimi Hendrix: Killing Floor - Jimi out this superb version of a Howlin'Wolf classic for a BBC session. Let's join him...
    10 killer Hendrix licks - As a bonus lesson to follow "Killing Floor", here are 10 killer Hendrix licks to add to your repertoire
    Eric Clapton: Key To love - From the Bluesbreakers "Beano" album, 'Key To Love sees EC in hot solo form.
    Staind: It's Been A While - This huge hit from one of America's hottest new bands features some severely downtuned rhythm playing. Here's how to play it.
    Eric Roche: The Theme From M*A*S*H - Guitar Techniques' fingerstyle expert unveils a wonderful arrangement of this classic film theme for solo acoustic guitar
    Mauro Giuliani: Allegro In D Major - This classic piece by the Viennese master contains many ideas to develop dixterity and co-ordination in both hands
    Blues Mutations II - In the second part of his Blues Mutations series, Guthrie Govan looks at the style of Carlos Santana
    Southern Rock Rhythm - We show you how to play swing rhythm in the style of Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Session styles: motown - How to play the rhythm fills heard on 100s of soul hits
    How to train your ears - Learning country tracks without a chord sheet...
    Fingerstyle - Incorporating open-string chords
    Metal Modes - Yngwie Malmsteen-style soloing

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-cww58kxgt69gye99i8v.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - Improve your hammer-ons and slurs in Jamie Humphries' essential guide to better soloing
    The Beatles: Something - GT pays tribute to George Hamison's finest moments and transcribes his greatest song
    Jeff Beck: Brush With The Blues - Beck at his best - can you handle these licks?
    The black crowes: Sting Me - This sassy tune from the US rockers reveals just how to play open G...
    Suzanne Vega: Luka - An exclusive fingerstyle arrangment of Vega's'87 hit by Guitar Techniques' acoustic maestro Eric Roche
    Mauro Giuliani: Study In A Minor - This classical piece is a great digit workout and a fine example of how to incorporate pedal tones
    Blues mutations III - Blues mutates into jazz, as Guthrie Govan's ongoing series dissects the style of Kenny Burrell
    ZZ Top style soloing - If your boogie yearns for the sound of the south, you need Billy Gibbons-style pinched harmonics. We show you how...
    Open string runs - Country legends such as Chet Atkins used this technique all the time. So can you...
    Session styles - Funk is back on the menu as we look at single-string lines in a modern vein
    Metal soloing - More neo-classical metal licks to cop as Shaun Baxter rifles through his phrygian mode box of tricky tricks

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-s5dza4fo5k8yun2mqs9d.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - Nail those pentatonic hammers and pulls just like Paul Gilbert Jamie Humphries takes it from the beginning
    10 les Paul Licks - A master of cheeky jazz runs and tricks, everyone can take some inspiration from our Les Especially our Guthrie
    Peter Green: Need Your Love So Bad - A classic tone for a classic tune. Geoff Whitehorn revises Mac's finest-hour
    Lenny Kravitz: Rock & Roll Is Dead - Fair bristling with funky chunky retro vibe, Kravitz proves he can sling with the best
    Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads: Crazy Train - And so came the '80s metal legend. And that's just Phil Hilborne! We pull apart Randy Rhoads' seminal slab of solid steel
    Van Morrison: Moondance - Eric Roche sprinkles the magic dust on Van The Man's second most famous tune. Have we told you lately that this one's much better?
    Anton Diabelli: Minuet In C - Like Randy to Ozzy, Anton was axe man to the stars, Separate Sherbet and Schubert here
    Blues mutations IV - Steely Dan, sir? Or perhaps Robben Ford. Step this way
    Neo-classical rhythm - A beginner's guide to Schenker and Malmsteen rhythm
    Folk fingerstyle - James Taylor is a God of the acoustic guitar. So join David Mead as we steel a few divine licks and tricks
    Session styles - Five minutes with Lukather arpeggios
    Metal soloing - Harmonic minor and phriygian dominant scales. Who's a lucky lot then?

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-tbvtvjt1wj6cp86uz12.jpg
    Red Hot Metal Licks - Any aspiring Metal God needs fast licks, evil licks, clever licks and more. Happily, Guthrie Govan has a bag full. And, yes, these ones go to II...
    AC/DC Riff Raff - A high-energy dose of rock'n'roll guitar mayhem that will help hone your licks and rhythm chops
    Blues Fingerpicking - Fingerpicked blues is older than God's blind dog. Willie. So here are some licks in the style of Robert Johnson and JLH to get you barking
    Country thirds & sixths - This month we look at how to liven up your solos with classic country-influenced thirds and sixths...
    Metal arpeggios - A bite-size look at alternative chords for heavy rock rhythm guitar
    Francisco Molino: prelude in A minor - A short piece this month, packed with ideas and technique tips. So get your guts out and start liting
    Led Zeppelin: black mountain side - We look at a classic acoustic rock track this month, with a dissection of Jimmy's Page's spinted DADGAD tune "Black Mountain Side"
    Metallica: Overkill - In this lesson, we dissent Metallica's frenzied assault on the Motorhead classic "Overkill"
    Neo classical rock soloing - Be bold, be brave and tap like a plumber possessed. Dave K's here to trade WC for NC and make sure you don't spring a leak
    12 classic rock licks - Now we've learned our scales and practised various techniques, let's put it all together with some classic licks from rock's greatest players...
    Standard soloing - Here we offer a few ideas on how to solo through the classic "Stella By Starlight" progression
    Stacking tapping Guthrie Govan - Some judicious hammer-ons and tapping can make an ordinary pentatonic lick leap higher than a frisky salmon. Practice slowly at first and gradually build up your speed...
    Van Halen:
    Panama - Time to indulge your closet '80s riffing and tapping fetishes. Give in to Lord Ed and his spiffing spandex

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-tllwk0qor3gv1zl73t89.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - How to turn your rock licks into somethin' mo' bluesy. Yup
    Eric Clapton: Reconsider Baby - Learn EC's take on the Lowell Fulson classic, as featured on his "From The Cradle" elpee
    Buddy Guy: Five Long Years - Another blues classic from Guy's Grammy winning "Damn Right, l've Got The Blues"
    Brian Setzer: Rock This Town - The much-requested Stray Cats guitarist makes another appearance in GT. This time we dissect one of his biggest hits...
    Rock'n'roll primer - How to nail the basics, from rhythms to hot licks
    Jacques Stotzem: Sur Vesdre - Eric Roche analyses the unique style of this Belgian fingerstyle virtuoso
    Fernando Sor: Study In A Major - One of Sor's most beautiful pieces is also the hardest to play. We show you how...
    Rock Mutations I - Guthrie Govan looks at harmonics licks and tricks
    Country - Using the pentatonic major scale in solos
    Beginners - A primer in Chet Atkins-style Travis picking
    Fingerstyle - Ragtime-style syncopation
    Jazz - Soloing over standards part II

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-qc5u60ehzdsa4npmwa74.jpg
    The Blues Scale: David Gilmour Style
    Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here - Part of The Floyd's prog opus dedicated to Syd Barret 'Wish You Were Here' features some wonderful playing by David Gilmour
    Rush: Tom Sawyer - This cool slice of pop-savvy prog features some great chordal and pedal ideas
    Radiohead - Lucky
    Geoff Whitehorn: Another Jacket - Sharpen your rhythm and lead chops with Geoff Whitehorn's infectious Robben Ford - inspired funky blues in the key of E
    Fingerstyle Jazz - 'Ain't Misbehavin' arrangement by Eric Roche
    Classical: Ferdinando Carulli 'Andante Grazioso'
    Rock Mutations 2: String Skipping - Guthrie Govan lifts the lid on wide interval licks in the style of Steve Morse, Nuno Bettencourt and Greg Howe
    Country - Essential Major pentatonic runs
    Country soloing for beginners
    Acoustic Fingerstyle - introducing altered tunings
    Scales & Jazz 'Minorising - Hold on to your brains as Shaun Baxter looks at theories of minorising in jazz

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-0qpod5l7t0ew3jg8hjcy.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - This lesson, we look at using the Major pentatonic scale in solos
    Jeff Beck: Let Me Love You - We dissect lead and rhythm parts for this stormer from Beck's groudbreaking "Truth" LP
    Nickelback: Too Bad - Fast becoming the band of 2002, Nickelback are high in the US charts with this rocker
    Nirvana: The Man Who Sold The World - Grunge for sensitive doods - learn Nirvana's classic Unplugged version of the Bowie song
    Tommy Emmanuel: Acoustic masterclass - GT's fingerstyle maestro Eric Roche collared Tommy on his recent US tour to hear him explain some of his amazing technique
    Crowded house: Weather With You - A bona fide pop classic from the early '90s, and guaranteed to make buskers rich!
    Pierre Bensusan: L'Alchimiste - The French fingerstylist joins GT for one month only and here explains how to play his own track, "L'Alchmiste"
    Acoustic fingerstyle - Beginners guide to DADGAD tuning
    Rock mutations 3 - Put some trickiness in your rockiness by using the harmonic minor scale. Ouch!
    Country - How to play classic string bending licks
    Beginners - Turn a tired 12-bar into a hip jazz blues with this easy step-by-step lesson
    Metal - Strengthen those fingers with this vibrato workout

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-w00yyxjhhkysf110l4q1.jpg
    Rock Guitar Made Easy - The Minor Pentatonic + 6th: This month we continue our study of the pentatonic scale with another useful extension.
    Jimi Hendrix: Hey Joe - legendary version of 'Hey Joe' is a veritable masterclass in the sometimes neglected art of combining rhythm and lead guitar.
    Van Halen: Jump - Exclusive acoustic arrangement! Eric Roche suggests a novel way to play one the best-loved rock hits of the '80s
    Santana: Smooth - Crank up the sustain and prepare for some Latin swing on this huge hit from 1999
    Alice In Chains: Heaven Beside You - In tribute to Layne Staley, one of the most distinct voices of '90s rock, we look at Alice In Chains' mighty 'Heaven Beside You'
    The Cult: Lil' Devil - Built around an all-time great rock riff, 'Lil' Devil' took The Cult to worldwide stardom...
    Mateo Albeniz: Sonata in D - This Spanish sonata is challenging stuff, but will help develop nearly every facet of your playing
    The Guitar Gym - How to play Faster
    Rock Mutations 5: Quirky String Bends - Bored with your blues licks? Here's a little inspiration in the form of some unusual bending ideas.
    Muddy Waters: Style Blues - In a new acoustic series dedicated to pioneering blues figures, we look at the rhythmic and open style of Chicago legend Muddy Waters.
    Hellecasters: Country Licks - Here we look at the riff and soloing techniques of the Hellecasters genius guitar trio Will Rio, John Jorgensen and Jerry Donahue

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-17j0cogjxnmd1hbxmeh.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - More soloing ideas for the minor pentatonic...
    Led Zeppelin: "Stairway To Heaven" - One of rock music's legendary tracks, tabbed in full and with vocals on the CD!
    Pink Floyd: "Comfortably Numb" - Two outstanding David Gilmour solos dissected and tabbed with full song backing
    The Eagles: "Hotel California" - One of dual lead guitar's most lauded moments - learn to play both parts here
    Anon: "Romanza" - This is a must-play-piece for any classical player
    The Guitar Gym - Continuing GT's acclaimed Guitar Gym series we demonstrate how lick rotation can help your playing
    Acoustic - If you're a novice at acoustic fingerpicking, these exercises will open up a whole new world
    Beginners - Get your meaty rock rhythm chops nailed!
    Blues fingerstyle - We go back to the mid-20th century to look at the slide stylings of broom duster Elmore James
    Country - How to play James Taylor-esque-folk licks

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-omsad3x8vod5vooo9n.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - Mix major and minor pentatonic scales for groovy hybrids...
    Stevie Ray Vaughan: "The Sky Is Crying" - Develop your blues skills with one of SRV's favourite tracks: PLUS learn his tone secrets
    Robben Ford: "The Brother" - A masterclass in taste on this SRV tribute
    Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Scar Tissue" - Learn John Frusciante's game guitar secrets for this Chili-hot classic track
    Eric Roche: "The Theme From Cheers" - Everyone will know your name when you whip this out at parties...
    Francisco Tarrega: "Lagrima" - Indulge your digits with high position chords in this beauteous Romantic interlude...
    The guitar gym - Continuing GT's acclaimed Guitar Gym series, we look at developing your left-hand legato
    Rock mutations - Extend your knowledge of simple arpeggios for some mighty sophisticated solo twiddling
    Beginners - Tasteful solos - who needs'em? We all do, so look here...
    Fingerstyle - Here we study the finger stylings of influential blues legend Howlin' Wolf. Not for the lily-livered...
    Country - Open those strings with some scary Chet licks...

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-jj1agsep25c0ign7ibq.jpg
    Rock guitar made easy - Using the hybrid pentatonic scale in solos
    Jeff Beck: "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" - The first of this issue's instrumental classic to learn is Jeff Beck's legendary version of the Stevie Wonder tune
    Danny Gatton: "Harlem Nocturne" - By popular request, GT looks at the inimitable style of the late Danny Gatton
    Steve Vai: "The Crying Machine" - This instrumental has all all the classic Vai-isms - melody, clever composition and technique
    Miguel Llobet: "El Testament D'Amelia" - This Catalan folk song is a standard of the classical repetoire
    Global guitar - GT shows you how to play samba rhythms
    The guitar gym - Our acclaimed workout looks at economy picking exercises
    Acoustic - New ideas for drop D tuning
    Rock mutations - Learn to play red-hot funk rock, a la the Chili Peppers
    Fingerstyle blues - We look at the style of Mississippi Fred McDowell
    Country - More classic open string licks to spice up your playing

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-m0o69s723uhxol3luj.jpg
    Rhythm Kings - We kick off our rhythm guitar special by looking at 25 players you must hear...
    The Who: "Won't Get Fooled Again" - Learn the secrets of one of Pete Townshend's greatest songs
    The Rolling Stones: "Start Me Up" - Learn this classic example of Keith Richards' open-G style... we've tabbed Ron's part too!
    Hendrix-style funk rock - This great lesson teaches you the funky secrets of rock's greatest guitarist
    U2-style rock rhythm - U2's rhythm guitar style is one of the most unique in modern rock - GT takes you closer to The Edge
    Eric Roche: "Roundabout" - Learn all about the percussive slaps and fingerstyle of GT's own Eric Roche in this complex self-penned piece
    Enrique Granados: "Dedicatoria" - This staple of the 20th century classical repertoire will help polish your arpeggios
    Rock Mutations - In this lesson we look at how to use odd phrasing in your guitar solos a la Steve Vai and Frank Zappa...
    Country - In the third installment of GT's open-string licks lesson we look at how to fit them into songs in unusual keys
    Global guitar - In part II of Global Guitar's How To play A Samba lesson we look at some melodic soloing ideas
    Guitar Gym - Perfect your economy picking in this step-by-step workout
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    تاریخ عضویت:
    ارسال ها:
    محل سکونت:
    +743 / 0 / -2

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-b4sfvs8skfwv5rz4cm13.jpg
    Cream: "Sunshine Of Your Love" - Play along with this '60s classic and "be" Eric Clapton!
    Robert Cray: "Right Next Door" - This funky blues number includes some great rhythm and soloing ideas
    10 Essential blues licks - These superb licks from BB King. Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more will transform your blues and rock solos
    Foo Fighters: "Monkey Wrench" - Learning this modern rock classic will help tighten up your rhythm riffing
    Flamenco masterclass - EXCLUSIVE! World-renowned player Juan Martin guides you through some flamenco fundamentals
    How to read music - We show you how to read music properly
    Rock guitar made easy - Back by popular demand! We kick off another series which will teach you all about modes...
    Alttunings made easy - Liven up your fingerstyle playing by investigating new tuning ideas: this issue - more great DADGAD!
    Funk - We continue our study of funk rhythm styles by looking at the licks of T
    he Meter's Leo Nocentelli
    Global guitar - In this lesson, we show you how to play solo lines over the Mozambique rhythm, as used by Paul Simon
    Guitar gym - In this structured 10-step workout we'll show you how to master sweep picking

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-t18ecv5v88712rwof20r.jpg
    Led Zeppelin: "Kashmir" - Robert Plant called it "the definitive Led Zeppelin song" - now you can play along...
    Richard Thompson : "1952 Vincent Black Lighthing" - This fingerstyle piece shows Thompson's technique at is finest
    Wes Montgomery: "Days Of Wine And Roses" - New series! In the first lesson of a new regular jazz column, Pete Callard looks at the style of the legendary Wes Montgomery
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar: New series! The famed jazz virtuoso returns to teach solo guitar in a new series for GT
    Pat Martino Masterclass - Exclusive! American jazz legend Martino shares some thoughts and secrets of his unique chording technique
    10 cool fusion licks - Learn the licks of George Benson, Pat Metheny, John Scofield and more in this hip lesson...
    How to read music - More help on understanding the fundamentals of reading rhythm and melody
    Rock guitar made easy - Mode explained - this month the ionian mode
    Country - arranging rhythm and lead for country ballads
    Funk - We continue our study of funk rhythm styles by looking at the licks of James Brown's Jimmy Nolen
    Global guitar - In this lesson, we show you how to play Soca!
    Guitar gym - Left-hand strengthening exercises

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-skuhsywq985w6jo4k0p.jpg
    Van Halen: "Unchained" - Learning this classic '80s rocker will improve your rhythm and lead licks
    Steve Lukather: "Rosanna" - The Toto man talks technique plus we tab both solos from "Rosanna"
    Steve Morse: "Tumeni Notes" masterclass - The Deep Purple guitarist shows you how to play his classic solo instrumental
    Pat Metheny: "A Map Of The World" - Learn one of the jazz man's prettiest tunes, this time on acoustic guitar
    Miles Davis: "Tune Up" - We show you three ways to tackle this jazz standard on guitar...
    How to read music - We show you to read music properly
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar - In this lesson, Martin looks at endings...
    Rock guitar made easy - Back by popular demand! This lesson we look at the jazzy, soulful dorian mode...
    Alt tunings made easy - Liven up your fingerstyle playing by investigating new tuning ideas: this issue - open D!
    Country - We show you ideas for maxing rhythm and lead fills
    Funk - We continue our study of funk rhythm styles by looking at the licks of Michael Jackson
    sidekick David Williams
    Global guitar - This lesson will give you ideas for playing lead guitar, Caribbean style!
    Guitar gym - Learn to play faster and cleaner with this economy-picking workout

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-j2arcb28cb5y0ic4rgs5.jpg
    Stevie Ray Vaughan: "Lenny" - This lyrical ballad was one of Stevie Ray's finest tunes - we show you how to play it
    Joe Satriani: "Starry Night" - This instrumental from current album 'Strange Beautiful Music' is trademark Satriani
    Peppino D'agostino: "Born In The Sea" - This tune show the Italian American's fingerstyle technique at its finest
    Miles Davis: "Tune Up" - soloing ideas - We look at the jazz standard again, with some soloing ideas for guitar in the style of horn legends Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins...
    How to read music - We show you how to read music properly
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar - In this lesson, Martin looks at intros...
    Rock guitar made easy - Back by popular demand! This lesson we look at the Spanish-sounding metal-friendly phrygian mode...
    Country - We show you riff and lick ideas for playing Latin country
    Funk - We continue our study of funk styles by looking at the legendary Curtis Mayfield - he influenced Hendrix, y'know...
    Global guitar - This lesson looks at the guitar styles of reggae
    Guitar gym - Learn to play faster with this sweep picking arpeggio workout

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-60epxg1aa8gptlzr02u.jpg
    The Beatles: 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' - Learn all the guitar parts - played by Eric Clapton - for this 'White' album classic...
    Jeff Healey: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - ...and then learn Jeff Healey's barnstorming blues version, complete with backing track!
    Marty Friedman: Exotic scales masterclass - In an exclusive lesson, the ex-Megadeth virtuoso shows you how you can use exotic
    Eastern and European scales!
    Bernard Butler: "You Light The Fire" - Learn this classy fingerstyle acoustic track from Butler's debut album 'People Move On'
    Jazz standards: "II-V-I Progressions" - We have a generic tune this month, plus some great licks from some jazz greats
    How to read music - We show you how to read music properly
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar - In this lesson, Martin shows you to sound like a piano!
    Rock guitar made easy - In this lesson we look at the lydian mode and show you how to solo like Joe Satriani
    Counrty - We show you riff and lick ideas for playing a country waltz
    Funk - We continue our study of funk styles by looking at the work of session great Paul Jackson Jr
    Global guitar - This lesson looks at the lead guitar styles of reggae
    Guitar gym - Right-hand tapping is made easy in-depth lesson

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-oec3lk8395s9z0977bb1.jpg
    Classic rock riffs - Learn all these classic riffs from rock guitar's golden era...
    Free: "The Stealer" - ...plus this full track from the legendary Free
    Thin Lizzy: "Jailbreak" with vocals! - ...and this dual-lead guitar classic
    Preston reed masterclass: "Blasting Cap" - Join American acoustic virtuoso Preston Reed as he demonstrates his advanced percussive guitar techniques and listen to his full track "Blasting Cap"
    Jazz standards: "II-V-I Progressions" - More great licks to learn from jazz greats like Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Joe Pass and more!
    How to read music - We show you how to read music properly
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar - Jazz legend Martin Taylor shows you how to hone your arranging skills on guitar
    Rock guitar made easy - In this lesson we look at the mixolydian mode as used by artists like Jeff Beck and The Black Crowes...
    Funk - We continue our study of rhythm guitar styles by looking at the work '70s disco funk legends Earth Wind & Fire
    Global guitar - In the latest lesson of this acclaimed series Dave Kilminster looks at the guitar styles used in African music
    Guitar gym - In this lesson we look at some more sweep-picking arpeggio exercises

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-ny8uy5pq2xh7gdz8nuk.jpg
    Iron Maiden: "Run To The Hills" With vocals! - The GT version comes with a full track and backing tracking featuring vocals!
    Rory Gallagher: "Bought & Sold" - Learn this much-
    requested mid-'70s blues classic from the late great Irishman
    Prince: "1999" Exclusive fingerstyle arrangement - GT's Eric Roche shows you a novel way to play the Prince party favourite
    Tuckandress masterclass: "Time After Time" and more... - The renowneed American jazz innovator shows you how he's arranged Cindy Lauper's 'Time After Time' plus ideas from his own recordings
    Jazz standards: "Blue Bossa" - How to play the Kenny Dorham tune made famous by George Benson and Joe Pass
    How to read music - We show you how to read music properly
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar - Jazz legend Martin Taylor shows you how jazz is cycling backwards
    Rock guitar made easy - In this lesson we look at the aeolian mode as used by players like Gary Moore and many more...
    Funk - We continue our study of rhythm guitar styles by looking at the future funk of Parliamment/Funkadelic
    Global guitar - In his acclaimed series Dave Kilminster continues his look at the guitar styles used in African music
    Guitar gym - In this lesson we look at how you can make your playing more dynamic!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-5t06360s8or9noayjo2.jpg
    Robben Ford: Talk To Your Daughter - With Robben Ford himself on guitar and vocals! - This is one blues guitar lesson you won't forget in a hurry!
    Rainbow: Since You've Been Gone - Blackmore's finest pop-rock moment?
    Nick Drake: Things Behind The Sun - Maudlin beauty from the late acoustic genius
    Jazz standards: Blue Bossa, Part 2 - In his second look at this beautiful piece, Pete Callard examines the way jazz guitar legends Joe Pass and Pat Martino approached it
    Carl Verheyen masterclass: Two solos - This ace
    studio session player by day, band leader and member of Supertramp by night, talks us through two very different solos...
    How to read music - David Mead makes easy work of this essential discipline
    Martin Taylor's solos guitar - Jazz legend Martin Taylor explains how he adds melodies to a chord progression
    Rock guitar made easy - In this lesson Jamie Humhries looks at the locrian mode, as used by artists like Slipknot, Testament and Slayer...
    Funk - Jason Sidwell continues his acclaimed series with a funk lesson in the style of The Average White Band
    Global guitar - In the last lesson in his excellent series, Dave Kilminster looks at the guitar style used in Kentucky bluegrass music
    Guitar gym - Time to get your middle finger ready to do what it does best - tap those strings onto that fingerboard!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-d59cafak5a3xkxum4au0.jpg
    Joe Satriani, Brian Setzer and Larry Carlton!: Sleepwalk - Learn this classic guitar ballad in the style of three brilliant but completely different players
    ZZ Top: La Grange - From their classic Tres Hombres album. This is Southern rock at its very best!
    America: Ventura Highway - All four acoustic guitar parts tabbed so you can play them all - not at the same time, though...
    Pantera: Cowboys From Hell - A welcome slice of metal meyhem from the Texan thrashers! Check out our transcription on page 48
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan's new column looks at all aspects of soloing.
    How to read music - David Mead makes easy work of this useful discipline
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar - Jazz legend Martin Taylor explains how chords work together
    Rock guitar made easy - In this lesson Jamie Humphries looks at all of the modes in one go!
    Funk - Jason Sidwell gets extremely fonky with Minnesota's most famous resident. Prince.
    Guitar gym - Pin down those pesky 8th note triplets with Shaun Baxter!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-45kl8swm16qbgd7fo8h3.jpg
    Led Zeppelin: Moby Dick - Play the riffs and licks to this vintage Led Zep track and prepare for that drum solo!
    Paul Simon: Under African Skies - From his legendary Graceland album: this is world music at its finest!
    Jose Feliciano: Light My Fire - Learn the fretwork for Jose's classic Doors cover version...
    Peter Green: Out Of Reach - A rare Bluesbreakers B-side from the undisputed master of tone, taste and feel.
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan will improve your improvising skills!
    How to read music - David Mead makes it all that much easier...
    Martin Taylor's solo guitar - Jazz legend Martin Taylor explains how turnarounds work
    Rock guitar made easy - Jamie Humphries changes key at the flick of a switch!
    Funk - Some tasty Stevie Wonder-style licks from Jason Sidwell...
    Country - Fancy a quick bend behind the nut? Lee Hodgson's obliges!
    Country gym - Shaun Baxter combines sweeping and legato techniques...

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-z3mg0925wkhndcfvcse.jpg
    The Beatles: Something - What would the Beatles' classic have sounded like if it was recorded by Jimi Hendrix instead. Find out...
    Steve Vai: Shy Boy - Learn the guitar parts for David Lee Roth's blistering (259bpm) piece!
    Don McLean: Vincent - The acoustic song everyone want's to learn!
    Bernie Marsden masterclass: Blue licks - A rare lesson from this British rock legend.
    Jazz minor blues - Pete Callard continues his exploration of jazz progressions
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan introduces the dorian mode
    How to read music - David Mead talks about flats and sharps...
    Martin Taylor - Jazz legend Martin Taylor focuses on key changes
    Rock guitar made easy - Substitute those pentatonics with Jamie Humphries
    Funk - Learn some classy Crusaders-style licks with Jason Sidwell
    Country - Practise I-IV Nashville licks with Lee Hodgson
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter combines sweeping and legato techniques...
    Bonus CD track!!! - Check out Michael Messer's great blues jam...

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-w4oey9057qfnaeyxfblv.jpg
    Blue Oyster Cult: (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Guthrie Govan arranges the Cult's 1976 classic for two guitars
    Albert King: Born Under A Bad Sign - Geoff Whitehorn guides you through true blues
    Coldplay: Trouble - Another hit from the makers of Yellow
    O'Carolan: O'Carolan's Concerto - Italian virtuoso Franco Morone plays Turlough O'Carolan's traditional 17th-century Irish tune
    Al Di Meola masterckass: Fusion - Tips on arpeggio picking techniques from the expert himself, plus excerpts from Race With Devil On Spanish Highway
    Jazz - Pete Callard looks at short II-V-I progressions
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan shows you how to navigate altered chords
    How to read music - David Mead explains what key signatures are all about
    Martin Taylor - Jazz legend Martin Taylor wrestles with major key changes
    Rock guitar made easy - Jamie Humphries demystifies major triad arpeggios
    Funk - Jason Sidwell shows you how to groove like Sly and The Family Stone!
    Country - Practise I-IV Nashville licks with Lee Hodgson
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter plays with time
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    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-2v4jy8kv27fcs3ccooj.jpg
    Focus: Hocus Pocus - Guthrie Govan turns the spotlight on an innovative yet underrated 1970s Dutch band
    Ralph MC Tell: The Streets Of London - Play this timeless award-winning folk tune along with Eric Roche
    Stevie Ray Vaughan: Rude Mood - Dave Kilminster looks back at Stevie Ray's blues legacy
    Dick Dale: Miserlou - Famous surf guitar with Jamie Humphries
    Jazz - Focusing on minor II-V-I progression with Pete Callard
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan offers three different approaches to another chord progression
    How to read music - David Mead leads the way through unchartered fretboard territory
    Martin Taylor - A lesson in the art of soloing over chord arrangements
    Rock guitar made easy - Jamie Humphries explains extended arpeggios
    Funk - Delving into Steve Cropper's career with Jason Sidwell
    Country - Country licks in the key of E with Lee Hodgson
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter explains skip sweeping

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-cmipldov35svwn7hqls.jpg
    AC/DC: Highway to Hell - Dave Kilminster transcribes the Ausssie rocker's single from the million-selling album of the same name
    Black Sabbath: Paranoid - One of Tony Lommi's finest moments riffed by Jamie Humphries
    The Dixie Dregs: Take It Off The Top - Steve Morse's guitar skills in the spotligh with Guthrie Govan
    Martin Carthy: Theme from Harry Lime - Eric Roche takes a look at the popular fingerstyle acoustic number also known as The Third Man
    Jazz - Pete Callard looks at the art of accompaniment
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan shows you how use a slide
    How to read music - David Mead continues his explanation of the fifth position
    Martin Taylor - Jazz legend Martin Taylor shows how to solo over changes
    Play like - The Darkness, with help from Dave Kilminster
    Guitar gym - This month's workout with Shaun Baxter

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-fqu4bkcf1ovs5uxr88pn.jpg
    Eric Clapton: Cocaine - Learn to play his legendary version of Cocaine with Jamie Humphries
    Eddie Van Halen: Eruption - Dave Kilminster transcribes one of the most admired instrumentals in rock history
    Travis: Sing - Full transcription of the hit single by one of Scotland's biggest-selling bands
    T-Bone Walker: Stormy Monday Blues - Legendary blues track transcribed by Guthrie Govan, as played by three giants of the genre
    10th anniversary rock jam: Play like the greats - Phil Hilborne conjures up a dream jam session in the styles of GT's 10 most requested guitar players
    Jazz - Pete Callard studies comping voicings
    Funk - Red Hot Chili Peppers in the spotlight
    Soloing school - How do you make sure you have continuity in your soloing? Guthrie Govan explains...
    How to read music - David Mead focuses on the importance of timing
    Martin Taylor - Fingerstyle jazz legend shows how to build on your soloing by using chromatic scales
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter on the scale that everyone needs to know
    GT index - Can't remember which issue that elusive Hendix tab was in? Find all the answers here!

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-8zu3xu3h7r6qbvont8a8.jpg
    UK: In The Dead Of Night - Tackle Allan Holdsworth's incredible axework!
    BB King: Rock Me Baby - An old favourite from the king of the blues
    ZZ Top: Gimme All Your Lovin' - Learn to play the Texan trio's biggest hit
    Eva Cassidy: Fields Of Gold - Her beautiful arrangement of Sting's classic
    Vernon Reid - An exclusive tutorial from Living Colour's axe maestro.
    Play like Kossoff - Phil Hilborne examines the style and technique of Free's legendary axeman
    Jazz - Pete Callard proves that even jazz players get the blues
    Funk - Jason Sidwell takes funk to the Extreme using Nuno Bettencourt as an example
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan turns the spotlight on new scales based around the chord of D Major
    How to read music - How to sightread chords with David Mead
    Martin Taylor - Fingerstyle jazz legend recaps chromatic concepts and sets the scene for future challenges
    Guitar gym - How do you achieve a good balance between picking and legato? Shaun Baxter explains...

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-2u45yfdnvudu65msxhha.jpg
    Joe Satriani: Flying In A Blue Dream - Satch's instrumental masterpiece
    Gary Moore: Back On The Streets - A rock classic from the legendary Irish guitarist
    Johnny Winter: Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo - White men can play the blues!
    Play Like Brian May - Phil Hilborne turns the spotlight on Queen's axeman
    J. S. Bach: Prelude From Cello Suite No I - Arranged for acoustic guitar by Eric Roche
    Country - Lee Hodgson studies pedal steel effects for guitar
    Charlie Parker: Billie's Bounce - A jazz gem in the style of Keith Jarrett, George Benson and Charlie himself
    Funk - Jason Sidwell shows you how to funk like Ronny Jordan
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan finds new sounds in familiar scales
    How to read music - David Mead explains how to put reading into practice
    Guitar gym - An Al Di Meola-style shreadding workout with Shaun Baxter

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-miy04suiip2synlh83qw.jpg
    Frank Zappa: Zoot Allures - A long-awaited avant-garde rock gem, tabbed in full by Guthrie Govan
    Fleetwood Mac: Man Of The World - A rock classic from the band's Peter Green era
    Rage Against The Machine: Killing In The Name - Learn to play the controversial hit from one of the 90's most influential bands
    Play like Jeff Beck - Master Beck's style with help from Phil Hilborne
    Altered tunings - Eric Roche studies their history and application
    Country - Part two of Lee Hodgson's series on pedal steel effects
    Jazz - How to solo a blues progression
    Funk - Jason Sidwell focuses on the sound of Steely Dan
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan draws influence from three blues legends
    Ear Training - Tips and advice on developing a more musical ear
    Martin Taylor - How to make a decent descent
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter looks at unusual note groupings

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-8tb2c0nkqcn5od0x12g.jpg
    100 great licks - To celebrate Future Publishing's 100th issue of Guitar Techniques, the GT tutors present an extensive selection of rock, blues, metal, jazz, country and funk licks
    Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker - Learn to play some classic Jimmy Page riffs with help from Pete Callard
    Albert Collins: Frosty - Guthrie Govan transcribes an Iceman classic
    Steve Vai: Boston Rain Melody - Another fine example of the Lydian mode in action, tabbed in full by Dave Kilminster
    Ear Training - Tips and advice on developing a more musical ear
    Martin Taylor - Entering the realms of chord substitution
    Guitar gym - A thorough workout for your fretting hand

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-izz2e1smqcbypj5kqlyl.jpg
    Cream: Crossroads - Classic Clapton tabbed by Jamie Humphries
    Deep Purple: Speed King - Learn to play some vintage Blackmore riffage
    Mike Stern: Chromazone - Pete Callard transcribes a jazz-rock gem
    Stevie Wonder: Higher Ground - Eric Roche's acoustic arrangement of the Stevie classic
    Soloing school - Jimi Hendrix's unique style in the spotlight
    Play like John Petrucci - Phill Hilborne focuses on the Dream Theater Guitarist
    Funk - Jason Sidwell examines west coast funkers Tower Of Power
    Ear Training - How to play by ear with help from David Mead
    Martin Taylor - Shows you how to solo over a descending chord sequence
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter looks at interval skips

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-6ghkwiyyzw87pixpwnq.jpg
    Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride And Joy - Blues at its best, transcribed in its entirety
    Foo Fightrs: Everlong - Complete tab for the 90s rock ballad
    The Shadows: FBI - Learn to play Hank Marvin's classic guitar work on the instrumental pop hit
    George Benson: Breezin' - Full transcription of George's version of Bobby Womack's instrumental soul-jazz tune
    Play like Aerosmith - Phil Hilborne examines the guitar style of enduring rock legends Joe Perry and Brad Whitford
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan draws inspiration from the blues style and techniques of the Album Brothers Band
    Funk - Jason Sidwell turns the spotlight on Johnny "Guitar" Watson
    Martin Taylor - Tritone substitution explained! Plus new backing track
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter takes you through the first instalment of a feature on left-hand tapping

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-at9mdxkjx8up0fds9od.jpg
    Jeff Back: Nadia - Master Beck's impressive whammy technique
    MR Big: Colorado Bulldog - This Paul Gilbert track will test you to the limit!
    Pantera: Walk - Learn to play one of Dimebag's finest riffs
    Status Quo: Down, Down - The number one single transcribed in full
    Robben ford masterclass - Tips and advice from the modern blues master
    Acoustic - Eric Roche returns with a traditional celtic arrangement
    Play like Yngwie Malmsteen - Learn the licks of Sweden's neo-classic virtuoso
    Soloing school - Bluesy improvising, the Buddy Guy and Robert Cray way
    Ear training - David Mead studies 6th and 7th intervals
    Martin Taylor - A closer look at his new backing track
    Guitar gym - The second instalment of Shaun's left-hand tapping feature

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-itzb6hj2s4t85kga5x3.jpg
    50 blues licks you should known - Transform your playing today, with Guthrie Govan!
    Lenny Kravitz: California - New guy Steve Allsworth transcribes Lenny's recent hit single for your playing pleasure
    Thin Lizzy: Emerald - A Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson classic
    The Beatles: Till There Was You - After waiting ages for a track by the Fab Four, Jamie Humphries tabs this acoustic number
    Play like Alan Murphy - As heard with Level 42, Go West, Kate Bush and more!
    Soloing school - Learning from Mark Knopfler and Dave Gilmour
    Funk like Rick James - Much-sampled LA legend - MC Hammer can't be wrong!
    Jazz - Pete Callard continues his series on bluesy jazz soloing
    Ear training - Helping you use your most important musical instruments!
    Martin Taylor - Pearls of soloing wisdom from the fingerstyle jazz legend
    Guitar gym - Your fingers' monthly workout with Shaun Baxter

    دانلود مجله Guitar Techniques-vj0sp6r178t8b47i3tu.jpg
    Velvet revolver: Fall To Pieces - Lighters in the air everyone, Jamie Humphries transcribes Slash's latest rock ballad
    Slayer: Raining Blood - Kerry King's finest hour - heavy, evil and fast!
    Ten years after: I'm Going Home - They wowed Woodstock with this classic blues rocker, now you can learn it too!
    Maroon 5: This Love - The number one hit from the US popsters
    Play like Eddie Van Halen - Phil Hilborne focuses on the 80s guitar legend
    Riff like Matallica - Studying the riffing style of James Hetfield
    Soloing school - Guthrie Govan pastiches the styles of Whitesnake's guitarists
    Jazz - The conclusion of Pete Callard's bluesy jazz series
    Ear training - Develop a more musical ear with David Mead
    Guitar gym - Shaun Baxter looks at finding traids from within a scale
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