Mehdi Ghadami

وی اس تی اف ایکس SoundSpot VoxBox VST VST3 AU AAX v1.0.1 win

پلاگین برای کار بر روی وکال - واید کردن و ضخیم کردن

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Lead vocals are often the most important element in a mix. To get lead vocals to jump out of a mix and not get buried in the music, a technique called ‘vocal thickening’ is used widely throughout the industry. Usually this technique requires multiple channels and plug-ins to achieve the desired results. When designing VoxBox however, our aim was to create a plug-in that simplifies the vocal thickening process, without compromising on quality. VoxBox helps you widen and thicken your lead vocals in a simple and intuitive way, while being light on your CPU and keeping your mixing chain simple.​
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Mehdi Ghadami
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