نرم افزار Fl Studio 20.0.4

Image-Line FL Studio v20.0.4.629 REPACK-R2R

What’s new?

  • Improvements to CPU usage – Especially in complex projects, where mixer tracks are routed to others, and threaded processing is on, you will notice significant improvements to CPU usage.
  • Patcher – More improvements to CPU usage!
  • Transpose patterns and channels in semitones – There is a ‘Transpose’ pop-up for selected Channels from the Channel Rack Options Menu, Patterns – in the Picker Panel (Right-Click menu) or from the Pattern Menu.
  • Mixer – Added ‘Delete’ item to the effect slot menu in the mixer.
  • Playlist – Chop Audio Clips in 8th and 16th note divisions.
  • Playlist – Consolidated audio now shows above the consolidated (and muted) track in the Playlist.
  • Browser – Open a sample or plugin from the browser without showing the Channel window by holding the (Alt) key.
  • User data folder – Can now be reset to the default value, in the File Settings.
  • Diagnostic tool – User data location is shown in reports (found under the Help menu).
  • Icons – New FL Studio 20 Application Icon.
  • ZGE Visualizer – Maximum layer count increased from 50 to 100. New ‘Solo layer’ feature to quickly test a single layer

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