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DATE : 2017.11.19 | NUMBER : R2R-6428/6429 | SiZE : 5.4 MB

EnvelopR is an envelope based multi effect.
It is designed to make sample accurate precision sidechain ducking, subtle multiband pannig movement, act as a monophonic quality filter for your synth plugin or whatever your creativity guides you to.

Five sections with effects that can be turned on and off individually.

Amp section, perfect for the sidechain ducking effect, always sample accurate.

Amp multiband section, sidechain duck just the bass or have the sound moving.

Filter section withseveral oversampled high quality filter types.

Pan section with easy panoramic movements.

Pan multiband section is the multiband version of pan.

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واکنش‌ها: projektnoire و Dr.Noise
Mehdi Ghadami
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