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آنتارس AVOX v4.2.0

بلاخره پس از سالها انتظار نسخه جدید پلاگین های محبوب آنتارس AVOX کرک شد
می توانید از ساخت هارمونی و افکت های مختلف برای وکال لذت ببرید

دانلود مستقیم

The AVOX bundle combines 11 of our professional vocal processing plug-ins, to let you create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style, and design unique effects for audio post-production. From harmony creation and microphone modeling, to subtle warmth and doubling, to extreme vocal effects, AVOX is an essential toolkit for vocal and audio production

توضیحات و تغییرات نسخه :

A witch says,
You need the installatin of R2R-WAIFU v1.5 or above.
Binaries are completely unpacked from AX/IXPROTECTOR, and linked to our emulator for the best performance!

The previous release by VR crashes a lot, having lots of problem in GUI drawing. This behavior does not happen in legit version.

AVOX v4.2 does not support ProTools 12.5. Therefor, we don't release AAX version this time. Rebuilding CodeMeter protected binaries for 11 AAX plugins will take much more time than you think. We hate halfhearted works!​
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